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June 24, 2024 30 mins

Do you track your business data to help you make better decisions, especially around sales? Many entrepreneurs experience unpredictable cash flow and the impact of industry changes on their bottom line. When you learn how to leverage key data more effectively, it can transform your business bottom line. 

In episode 393 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, guest Amy Traugh unveils how to use data correctly to drive consistent cash flow. By embracing what Amy calls the CEO Method, she reveals how to focus on the right organic marketing strategies through analyzing your numbers. We also unpack the importance of leveraging podcast analytics for content strategy, and why a coaching business needs to know where their best clients come from to keep marketing costs down.

If tracking data has felt like a waste of time, you’ll definitely want to listen in to incorporate these data tracking tactics.


Key Takeaways: 

05:02  What data a business owner should be tracking to measure success.

09:40  How to assess if your offers align with your business goals.

13:49  Why leveraging content (like podcasts) can have a powerful trickle-down effect when strategically implemented. 

15:25  Move the cashflow needle by gaining ‘clarity as to who’ and ‘consistency as to what.’ 

17:29  The problem with being unaware and busy on strategies without clarity of its ROI.

21:44  Why clarity is your north star and how it impacts your marketing, sales, automations and results. 

28:01  How investing in the right mentor can transform your business. 


Resources Mentioned in This Episode: 

  • The CEO Method: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Success! Free E-Book 

  • Tap into Million-Dollar visibility streams with my proven 7 step framework
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