Bay 11

21 Pilots: Stay Alive

October 24, 201822 min
The band "21 Pilots" has impacted young people with their music and their lyrics as they address some of life's biggest challenges.  Their positive messages have hit home with teens like Bay 11 reporter Sophia Vaughn, who explains what the band means to her, and to loyal fans everywhere. Then Hayden Pyle delves into the controversy stirred up by Nike and its new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.  He visits with a student at one of the country's most conservative colleges, where they decided to drop all ties with Nike in their athletic department.  He then got the thoughts of two teens from the northeastern United States who offer some different perspectives. Those stories and a brand new segment of "Dig or Diss" on this edition of Bay 11, sponsored by realtor Shane Johannsen.   We also want to mention the local organization "Hearts for the Homeless," which you will learn about in Hayden's story.

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