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112: Intraday Trading with Stefano Serafini

August 6, 201735 min
Glad you could join us today where we get to chat with Stefano Serafini – the current leader of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®* I met Stefano in New York at a trading masterclass a few years back and he’s been doing some great things with his trading. As I mentioned, he’s the current leader of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®* Sometimes in these trading competitions you see traders rocket to the top of the leaderboard really quickly, but they usually disappear just as quick. Anyone who’s been watching the competition this year would have noticed that Stefano has been pretty consistent so far, so we’re going to discuss his trading approach, especially around intraday trading strategies and portfolio construction. In our chat you will learn: How to use filtering on higher timeframes to produce higher quality intraday trades, How ‘time windows’ can improve trading results and what to look for, How to combine multiple strategies into a portfolio and then manage it to keep the portfolio fresh and performing optimally, A common mistake traders make with correlations that could give false results and how to overcome it.

Chat About 112: Intraday Trading with Stefano Serafini

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