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Birds and Bees Podcast is a sex positive education podcast with a specific goal in mind, to empower parents and couples to have sexual health conversations with each other and with their children. We strive to meet this goal by interviewing experts in their respective fields to provide listeners with tools to discuss topics in regards to: sexual development, building intimate connection, sexual health and healthy communication. We believe parents should have a source of reliable information they can turn to as they teach their kids about sexuality. Many parents feel they don’t know enough about sex to answer their child’s questions, how to bring up sexual topics, when to bring them up etc. We want this podcast to be your personal reference you can turn to when you have questions.


July 19, 2023 46 mins

In this episode, Braxton sits with Aleki Manu to discuss how he engages his children in learning about life, sex, and relationships. He talks about how he engages with his wife and the principles of how he lives his life. 

I've received feedback that people like the logical approach to sexual education and relationships, and people want to know what it looks like in REAL LIFE. They want to know the "How do others approach this?" Th...

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Braxton and Cami Discuss Boys and Sex by Peggy Orenstein 


Interesting to talk about Girls and Sex last month and now we're transitioning to boys this month! 

We talk about the reactions we have, insights as AASECT Certified Sex Therapists, and what we rank the book and who should listen to it. 


We'd love your thoughts on the book, what books we should review next, any experiences you had. Contact us! 


Thanks again for listeni...

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Today in this Birds and Bees Collaboration with Sex Therapy 101 is covering Better Sex Through Mindfulness by Lori Brotto 

This is the perfect supplement to the last episode about Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski.


Braxton and Cami discuss what supports come from the book. They give their insights as sex therapists and how they encourage their clients to implement these practices. They explore what mindful practices are supportive...

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October 31, 2020 45 mins

Discussing State of Affairs by Esther Perell 

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October 31, 2020 52 mins

The Sexy Book Club discusses the book Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein. 


Braxton and Cami give our recommendations to the book, insights as AASECT Certified Sex Therapists, and rate the book and who should read it. 


We'd love to have you follow along and read with us monthly. Feel free to join the conversation and email us your thoughts and books we should read for the next Sexy Book Club. 


Thanks for listening! From Sex Ther...

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October 31, 2020 56 mins

A colaboration between Birds and Bees Podcast Braxton Dutson and Sex Therapy 101 with Cami Hurst

Today we discuss topics from the book Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski 

Its a fascinating book where Emily breaks down the research about sexual desire, action, and what is normal. She explores Sexual Excitors (The Gas) and Sexual Inhibitors (The Breaks) along with so much more about sexual expression and how YOU are NORMAL! 

Come talk ...

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We are having the pornography talk today, I know, it can be a scary topic and we're going to take it head-on to give you the tools to feel confident in having these conversations. 


What do I say? How do I bring it up? If I talk about it will that MAKE them look for porn?? What if they don't want me talking about it at all?!


Cath Hakanson is a sex educator, sexual health blogger (Sex Ed Rescue) and nurse in Australia. Cath is wi...

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What lengths do you go to meet expectations? For most men, sexual performance is one where, no pun intended, men go to great lengths for an extra inch or two. Men also compare themselves with others in regards to sexual stamina, girth and so on. Some even get alterations that are dangerous and ineffective in the long run.

Today we are talking today about PE, Penis diseases, delayed ejaculation the P Shot and penis elongation.  Thes...

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The fear many men have is the thought or experience of losing an erection. This fear can be from a lived experience, concern for the future, and the worry of what their partner will think.


Now I could talk about how many social misconceptions there are about the penis and how erections tend to be seen as the end all be all of sexual functioning. However, Today I have Dr Judson Brandeis with me to talk about preventing erectile dy...

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Braxton has been interviewing sex therapists for the past two years. Today he is interviewed about his experiences in being a sex therapist.


Braxton talks about issues he has seen as a therapist and what issues he continues to see show up. He shares his story about why he became a sex therapist, his calling as a sex therapist, What he wants everyone to know about masturbation, pornography, sexual health conversations, and WHY he ...

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Why do people take birth control even if they’re not sexually active?

As a male, how can I better support my partner in contraception?

How do I even start talking to my teen about contraception?

Do I need to if I just teach them abstinence?


Today we’re talking about these questions and more. Its all about contraception how to implement it, understanding it, and teaching it to our teens.


Rebecca Simmons  is one of the presenters...

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Dale Miller is a sex educator at The Smitten Kitten and they are on the show today to give us up to date facts about lubrication, dispel myths and answer the questions about lube that you never thought to ask!


Dale Miller is one of the presenters of the RMSS this event, they will be presenting on November 16, 2019 on everything you need to know about lubrication. Today’s episode is meant to give us a general understanding of lubr...

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Do you have painful periods?
How about irregular periods?
Have you taken birth control to "regulate" your periods?
Are you a partner of someone who experiences issues with periods?

Lara Briden is on the show with me today. She has over 25 years experience working with women and issues with menstruation. She has followed the cutting edge research dealing with periods. She's on the show today to give us a sneak peak into her upcoming...

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What do I do about Snap Chat and the possibility of my teen sending nudes?
If masturbation is against my beliefs how do I bring it up with my teen while following my values?
How do I get my teen to respect boundaries?

Dr Holly Richmond is on the show with me again, this time to address boundaries with teens.
We are talking implicit and explicit communication in the family, how that affects teen behavior, why the "lockdown" parentin...

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Does it feel like sexual connection has taken a backseat to parenting?
Are you just waiting for your kids to get older for better sexual experiences?
Do you ask yourself, "what is appropriate to tell my kids when when they wonder what we do in our room?"

Dr Holly Richmond is a somatic (body-focused) psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). Dr Richmond has been featured in Vogue, New Y...

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What have you been told sex would feel like for the first time?

How do I keep novelty in a committed long-term relationship?

What kind of sex life do I want my child to have when they are adults?


Earthly parents are the author of the book “And It was very good” one member of Earthly Parents joins me today to explore these questions and address many of the myths that people believe about sex.


Hey everyone, This is Braxton Dutson...

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In the last episode we learned just how prevalent STD/STIs are and ways to talk to your teens about them. 

Today, on Birds and Bees Podcast, Jenelle Marie Pierce returns with advice/information about what YOU need to know about STDs. Whether you enjoy one night stands, open relationships, celibacy or monogamy you need to know about STIs.

Jenelle tells about her experience with Herpies, what getting tested is like, when you should g...

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What is an STD? What are STIs? What's the difference? Probably one of the first questions Jenelle is asked anytime she speaks about STDs. It's a great question and probably a question your teenager has probably asked you before. 

What do you think of when you think of your child having an STD? Fear? Shame? Distress? What might your reaction to your child be if they were diagnosed with an STD?

These questions, along with many others...

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When someone "comes out" in their sexual/gender orientation one of the first questions is "what does that mean for their relationship with God?" This question is based on the social assumptions of them leaving a religious belief and needing to "gain" a spirituality somewhere else. What if an individual who identifies as "queer" has all the spirituality in themselves? What if this is the case for all of us?

Braxton speaks with Jerry...

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Masturbation, There are a lot of euphemisms for the word that makes many people uncomfortable to talk about. Let's face it, many parents are worried about what it means if their child masturbates. 


If you are a parent who wants to be able to support your child in building values around masturbation while also avoiding shaming them then this episode is for you. Braxton and Natasha Heifer-Parker, MFT, CST are here to help dispel my...

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