Busyness, overwhelm and exhaustion are not business goals - yet so many entrepreneurs work as though those conditions are an inevitable part of success. On the BOSS™ Talk podcast, host La’Vista Jones illuminates her signature BOSS™ framework of Battling Overwhelm with Systems and Self-Care to assist marketplace leaders in building businesses that nourish them instead of ones that deplete them and lead to burnout. This podcast features candid guest interviews, practical strategies and disruptive points of view that will challenge you to do the work you love, without sacrificing yourself to do it.


December 26, 2023 35 mins

“Avoid becoming the proverbial squirrel, mindlessly chasing too many things. It's crucial that our pursuits align with both our short-term and long-term goals, ensuring a meaningful connection and purpose." ~ Antoinette Mendez


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am joined by Antoinette Mendez. With a fiery passion for helping young students succeed in postsecondary planning, Antoinette brings a unique energy and experti...

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“Only in the silence can true healing begin. Embrace the fear and face the cave, for it is there that God wants to take your pain and transform it into strength.” ~ Michelle Guevara


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, meet my guest Michelle Guevara. She is a mover and shaker who refuels by spending time in nature and journaling. A Program Manager with the University of Arizona’s Department of Surgery, she is an indispensa...

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“I don't think we have to have a work life and a home life. I think we can just have a life, and they ought to blend together.” - James Christensen


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am joined by James Christensen, the dynamic leader at the helm of Gateway Bank, Mesa Arizona's one-and-only community bank. With keen business acumen, James has nurtured Gateway Bank into a high performing and respected financial instituti...

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“Without the wilderness, you can't look back and say, wow, look how far I've come. And that's where I sit today, on the other side of the wilderness saying, wow, look how far I've come.” ~ Brenda Mariah


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am joined by Brenda Mariah, founder of Push Career Management where their mission is to eradicate joblessness and underemployment by encouraging and equipping others to reach their ful...

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“Take care and listen to your body and your mind, and be good for you, or you will not be good for anyone else.” ~ Roicia Banks


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am delighted to interview Roicia Banks, an inspiring social worker and community advocate, who has spent more than ten years creating a positive impact on children and families within state and tribal governments. With Social Roots, LLC, a company she founded...

“2023 has been about giving up the good for the great. You don't know what's on the other side until you let something go.” ~ Dr. Khalia Braswell


In this captivating installment of BOSS™ Talk, we hand over the reins to Keiona Eady, a proud luminary at the helm of The Authentic Messenger—a powerhouse PR + Marketing enterprise. Formerly the charismatic voice behind the New Geechee podcast, Keiona steps into the role of...

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“Being strong is not like this rigid thing, it's meant to be flexible. You're meant to be flexible to move with what life brings.” ~ Kendra Tillman


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am joined by Kendra Tillman, a passionate mentor and advocate for women experiencing burnout. Kendra possesses an undeniable talent for helping women find their voice and embrace self-care, leading them confidently and authentically. 

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“There's always more things that we can learn or refine, but if there's something burning in your heart to share, you have a unique perspective, and someone needs to hear your particular perspective.” ~ Dr. Nadia Brown


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am joined by Dr. Nadia Brown, a sales strategist and founder of a sales consulting firm The Doyenne Agency. With over 15 years of...

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“I am amazing! I don't have to do it the way everybody says you're supposed to do it. I have unique ideas and thoughts that need to be heard." ~ Tanika J. Lothery


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am joined by my friend and colleague Tanika J Lothery, a dedicated entrepreneur and the driving force behind Virtually Yours TJL, an agency that specializes in offering remote professional assistanc...

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“Sometimes entrepreneurship is ugly, it hurts and it’s frustrating and confusing and you feel like you are in a crowded room screaming and nobody is paying attention." - La’Vista Jones


In this episode of the BOSS™ Talk podcast, host La'Vista Jones opens up about her frustration and disappointment when her business milestone goes unnoticed, highlighting the challenges of running BOSS™ Talk fo...

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“Don't put yourself last because you were designed to be first.” ~ Damaris Carroll


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I sat down with Damaris Carroll to explore her personal journey with self-care and discovering how to choose herself first. Damaris is a creator and implementer of effective plans to optimize DEI and Employee Engagement in organizations. Damaris cr...

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“Self-care is not optional. I define self-care as something that is intentional and something that you do just for you. The intentionality piece makes a difference because you’re reminding yourself - I deserve this and I matter.” ~ Debbie Reber


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I get to sit down with parenting activist, Debbie Reber who is, also, the founder of T...

“We go through life, checking the boxes and doing all the things we are supposed to do - but never do we actually check in with ourselves and say, is this what I want?” ~ Jennifer Arthurton


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I am joined by Jennifer Arthurton, the creator and founder of Old Chicks Know Sh*t, which is a community and podcast that is designed to insp...

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“The words that I chose for the year were “Grow Together” and I want it for our team, for us to grow together as a team, for us to be growing together with our clients. That's where I think we just create this really beautiful environment where people can be themselves, be vulnerable, and also do really excellent work together.” ~ Pamela Slim


In this episode o...

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“When I took ownership of my time, it allowed me to free up space for other priorities in my life - that’s when things started to shift.” ~ April Nowlin


Time is the most valuable resource we have and to spend it on tasks that you simply shouldn’t be doing is wasteful. This is where systems come in, they help you free up space and take ownership of your time. A...

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“Being scared means that this is what you should be doing, it's clearly what you want and that fear needs to drive you forward, instead of keeping you standing still.” - Alicia Peterkin


In perfectionism is defined as the need to be or appear to be perfect, or even believe that it's possible to achieve perfection Read more

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“Everybody’s acting like they’ve already figured it all out and really what you have is people who are all making it up one day at a time.” ~ Tamara Kemper


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, La’Vista is sitting down with Tamara Kemper, Founder and CEO of The Process Mavens, to talk about battling boss shame! Tamara Kemper and her team at The Process Mavens help ra...

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“Because I wanted this so bad, I sacrificed a lot - working myself the way I did probably stalled my success because I wasn’t taking care of myself.” - Nancy Badillo


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk I am sitting down with Nancy Badillo, Etsy Coach, Marketer, and Content Creator. Nancy helps Etsy sellers turn their passion into profits by teaching them the EXACT s...

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“For me, it's about energy management. And if I have just too many things on my plate, too many plates spinning, then I don't always have the creativity to devote to what I'm working on.” ~ Isha Cogborn


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, we speak with Isha Cogborn, the founder of Startup Life Support, where she helps entrepreneurs overcome the fear, frustration, a...

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“During a time of introspection, I found my voice. And most importantly, I now see myself - all of me.” ~ La’Vista Jones


In this episode of BOSS™ Talk, I take to the mic by myself to kick off Season 3 with a brief yet intimate and vulnerable monologue. During this episode I touch on vision, confidence and the major catal...

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