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Join the discussion of behavioral marketing, consumer trust, and loyalty. Clicksuasion’s marketing frameworks are founded on behavioral economic and behavioral finance principles. Learn applicable data-driven strategies to influence change, employee engagement, and human decisions.


September 10, 2021 14 mins

In this episode, Katana Lemelin chats with one of our newest team members, Shiann Hagan, about her recent degree from ECU, how she’s settling into the Clicksuasion family, and what she’s love about her work with a few fun questions to get you thinking.


Katana Lemelin is the Digital Marketing Consultant at Clicksuasion Labs. She consults with business leaders to research and craft digital marketing initiat...

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In this episode, Katana Lemelin discusses how to craft marketing strategies for your Black Friday sales by prepping early, crafting an omnichannel approach, and enhancing your customer service and efficiency. Use consumer behavior to tailor your marketing towards expected trends and expectations for the 2021 shopping season.


Katana Lemelin is the Digital Marketing Consultant at Clicksuasion Labs. She consu...

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July 22, 2021 10 mins

In this episode, Katana Lemelin discusses three tips you can take to improve the data you receive from your website. This is more than 1’s and 0’s or your browser history.  Katana explains the benefits of using Google Analytics to gather data on your consumer’s behavior, the importance of setting measurable KPIs to meet your goals, and how to use this information to better engage with your target audience.



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3 Steps to Apply Personas to Social Media Marketing

In this episode, Katana Lemelin shares three steps you can take to apply personas to your social media content. Katana discusses how to define your audience, craft buyer personas, and apply them to social media posts.


Katana Lemelin is the Digital Marketing Consultant at Clicksuasion Labs. She consults with business leaders to research and craft ...

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May 18, 2021 19 mins


Join Katana Lemelin and four core Clicksuasion team members for a discussion about the secretive operation codenamed ‘Uncle Steven's Visit'. On the show with Katana are Anna Silverman, Catie Fromnecht, Cyndi Fifield, and Michael Barbera.

This podcast is a conversation about Clicksuasion's acquisition of Novae Design Group, uniq...

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A Clicksuasion recap of 5 previous podcasts covering behavioral constructs such as the importance of time, money management, life-work balance, and consumer marketing trends for 2021. Katana Lemelin recaps discussions from guest speakers such as Dan Pink, Dan Ariely, Michael Barbera and Crystal Suetterlin. 


Katana Lemelin is the Digital Marketing Consultant at Clicksuasio...

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April 15, 2021 17 mins

Catie Fromknecht discusses how consumers may change their spending habits, buyer FOMO, and marketing tactics that may help brands capitalize on this anticipated increase in consumer She shares how consumers are likely to increase their spending following the pandemic to make-up for experiences missed during quarantine.


Catie Fromknecht is a creative thinker who is dedicated to problem solving and helping businesses deve...

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March 17, 2021 20 mins

In this Episode

Michael Barbera shares the results of several studies that identify how people perceive yard signs at their property and the home service providers who use them. Additionally, he discusses best practices for home service providers when located at client sites.


Dr. Michael Barbera, chief behavioral officer at Clicksuasion Labs, is an award-win...

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February 19, 2021 24 mins

Strengthen your relationship with customers through inspiring, clear, and relatable message framing. This webinar is designed to provide insights that could be applied to your organization’s brand with behavioral marketing, engaging visuals, and framed messages crafted to bolster brand awareness.

This Clicksights webinar will focus on five current practices for crafting a positive, memorable, and effective verbal and visual messagi...

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February 14, 2021 35 mins

Would you be our Valentine? I think we click (see what we did there?)

Join us for this special re-broadcast with research-practitioner, Zoe Chance as we discuss virtual dating, love, flirting, loss aversion, and online dating.

Clicksuasion guest Zoe Chance is a researcher-practitioner who teaches interpersonal influence at Yale, consults with Fortune 500 firms and leading nonprofits, and keynotes internationally. She researches key...

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February 9, 2021 32 mins

In this episode, Katana Lemelin hosts a round-table chat with Cyndi Fifield and Michael Barbara discussing the commercials released during the 2021 Big Game. The conversation focused on ads that fit into four categories (1) humor, (2) social impact, (3) COVID-19, and (4) behavioral marketing.

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Clicksuasion’s annual Top 6 Consumer Marketing Trends series discusses the shifts in consumer behavior that are likely to affect how people make decisions in 2021. Join this complimentary webinar as we explore the most likely consumer top priorities and expectations for brands in an era of a global pandemic, vulnerability, uncertainty, and cultural strife.

Discussion Topics

  • How people contend with COVID-19’s economic challeng...
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December 31, 2020 25 mins

In this episode, we discuss incentives for goal-achievement with Jordan Goldberg, co-founder of stickK. is a goal-setting platform that employs incentive-based behavioral economic research by Yale economists Ian Ayres and Dean Karlan. Jordan’s experience places him at the forefront of applied behavioral economics, harnessing social media trends, technology, and the power of incentives to help individuals create lasting c...

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December 21, 2020 11 mins

Most people likely entered the year 2020 with a sense of optimism and seeking a fresh start that is associated with a new year. The adage, ‘hindsight is 20/20’, is likely to hold more weight with the previous year than most others in recent history; however, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our wants, needs, and what we consider to be important. During the COVID-19 pandemic, several brands held t...

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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a strain on the shipping demand for UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. During this episode, we discuss shipping deadlines for the 2020 holiday season and how to manage customer expectations.



  • Dec. 15 – UPS Ground
  • Dec. 21 – UPS 3 Day Select
  • Dec. 22 – UPS 2nd Day Air<...
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Why do people decide to purchase one item instead of another one? In this Expert Insight Interview, Michael Barbera discusses consumer psychology and sales and marketing alignment. Dr. Michael Barbera is a Chief Behavioral Officer at Clicksuasion Labs, an award-winning consumer psychologist with many 500 Fortune clients, business strategist, speaker, and teacher of consumer psychology.

This Expert Insight Interview discusses:

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November 10, 2020 33 mins

Digital touchpoints drive a consumer’s willingness to trust a brand. The user’s journey through a website can be filled with gamification, endless pop-ups, and rage clicking.


During this episode, you will discover techniques used by marketers to create user experiences that could increase engagement and contribute to building consumer trust.



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According to the Construal-Level Theory of psychological distance (Trope and Liberman 2010), hypothetical distance refers to the likelihood of an event and having access to or possessing an object. Hypothetical distance is a customer-centric measurement. The reference point is a customer’s current situation and the previous experiences associated with it. Hypothetical distance is said to be close for...

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September 14, 2020 30 mins

The definition or meaning of UX is changing. What was once considered a service of convenience has now become essential. COVID-19 has changed the perspective of the user where it’s not about complex CRM systems or bonus points. 

  • Has all the investment made towards in-store experience gone to the dumps?
  • Will this be cha...
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Are you selling lipstick?  You should be. 

When consumers are strapped for cash, they tend to splurge on small, indulgent items in place of the big-ticket items they are unwilling or unable to buy. During the Great Depression and WWII, women treated themselves to premium lipstick. The trend became known as the lipstick effect.  

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