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June 6, 2024 38 mins

#601: How to Survive and Thrive After the New NAR Commission Rules Take Effect

In this insightful episode of our podcast, John Kitchens provides a comprehensive guide on navigating the upcoming changes in the real estate sector, specifically focusing on the new NAR Commission Rules. The discussion centers around the challenges and shifts facing agents, particularly regarding the new settlement rules and the resulting agent attrition. John Kitchens emphasizes the necessity for agents to adopt a consultative approach to stay relevant and successful in the evolving market.

The episode begins with an introduction to John Kitchens, highlighting his extensive background and expertise in real estate coaching. John sets the stage by discussing the significant industry challenges and changes that are on the horizon, including the impact of the new settlement on real estate agents and the growing concerns about agent attrition. He underscores the importance of skill and leadership in this transitional period.

John delves into the necessity for agents to position themselves as consultative advisors. He stresses the importance of understanding client needs by asking detailed questions and adopting a proactive and professional approach to real estate transactions. This shift in mindset is crucial for agents to build trust and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

The conversation then moves to comparing the skill sets of listing agents and buyer agents. John discusses the impact of market changes, including the new NAR Commission Rules, on agent roles and compensation, highlighting the need for buyer agents to adopt a consultative approach to stay competitive. This segment provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of real estate transactions.

For buyer agents, John outlines essential elements to include in their consultations. Understanding buyer goals, future homeownership costs, and lifestyle needs are crucial for managing the home-buying process effectively. John emphasizes the need for proactive management and thorough consultations to ensure client satisfaction and success.

Trust and professionalism are pivotal in the real estate industry. John discusses the importance of building a strong reputation and the impact of technology and online services on the traditional real estate model. He advises agents on how to leverage these tools while maintaining strong client relationships and providing exceptional value.

Articulating and differentiating agent value in light of the new NAR Commission Rules is another key focus of the episode. John shares strategies for agents to clearly communicate their value proposition and justify their commissions. He highlights the importance of creating and consistently communicating value to clients to stand out in the market.

Adapting to industry changes is essential for long-term success. John encourages continuous learning and skill development, advising agents to stay abreast of new industry rules and changes. He also highlights the importance of seeking mentorship and coaching to navigate these transitions effectively.

The episode concludes with John Kitchens offering coaching services for agents at different levels. He encourages interested agents to book a free consultative call to explore coaching opportunities. Contact information for John Kitchens and Ralph Nudy is provided for those interested in further inquiries or joining Ralph’s team or brokerage.

Tune in to this episode for an in-depth guide on adapting to the new NAR commission rules, building trust and professionalism, and positioning yourself for success in the real estate industry. Don't miss out on these valuable insights and strategies from John Kitchens.



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