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June 7, 2024 26 mins

#603: Maximize Listings and Offers: Leverage Express Programs and Three-Way Calls for Success

In this exciting episode, we dive into several important topics that are crucial for real estate agents looking to grow their business and attract new clients, including listings and offers. Hosted by industry experts, this episode covers the launch of Funnel Pilot, upcoming events, changes to Rev Share 2.0, and effective growth strategies. The discussion is packed with easy-to-understand advice and actionable steps that can help agents achieve success.

The episode kicks off with the announcement of Funnel Pilot, a new tool designed to help real estate agents close more deals and attract more leads. This tool is set to go live with a special presentation scheduled for Thursday. The hosts explain how Funnel Pilot can be a game-changer for agents, making it easier to find and close deals.

Next, the hosts talk about using Funnel Pilot for agent attraction and recruitment. They emphasize the importance of attending events to experience the energy and understand the financial and growth opportunities available. Events like these provide a great platform for networking and learning from successful peers.

One of the major highlights is the announcement of the Rock and Rescue event in September, which will feature celebrity guests. This event is not just about fun and entertainment; it’s also a fantastic opportunity for agents to connect, learn, and grow. Additionally, the introduction of an onboarding concierge service is discussed, aiming to make the onboarding process smoother for new agents.

The episode also covers the significant changes to Rev Share 2.0. The new updates make it easier for agents to unlock levels and earn more revenue share, which has received positive feedback from the agent community. These changes are expected to boost motivation and engagement among agents, especially in terms of promoting listings and offers.

Strategies for growth are another key topic. The hosts stress the importance of focusing on listings and guaranteed offers. They talk about leveraging programs like Express Offers and Revenos to enhance business operations. Utilizing three-way calls for agent recruitment is also highlighted as an effective strategy.

Promotions and updates take center stage towards the end of the episode. The hosts encourage agents to promote the Rock and Rescue event and sell tickets. They also discuss the upcoming launch of the onboarding concierge service and the need to update attraction videos to reflect the new changes in Rev Share 2.0.

Key action items from this episode include preparing and delivering a live presentation on Funnel Pilot to help agents understand its effectiveness, inviting downline agents to attend the presentation, finalizing the details and launching the onboarding concierge service, updating attraction videos with the new Rev Share 2.0 changes, promoting listings and offers, and promoting the Rock and Rescue event to drive ticket sales.

Tune in to this episode to get the latest updates and strategies for enhancing your real estate business. Don't miss out on the valuable insights shared by the hosts to help you win more deals and grow your network.



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