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June 12, 2024 62 mins

#606: Agent Attraction Without Revenue Share with Curtis Shewell

In the latest episode, recurring guest Curtis Shewell shares valuable strategies for attracting real estate agents without emphasizing revenue share. This insightful session begins with an introduction to Curtis and the importance of understanding agent attraction beyond financial incentives.

The episode kicks off with Curtis explaining how many agents only realize the benefits of revenue share and equity programs after they have experienced them firsthand. He shares personal stories and examples to illustrate how these programs can make a significant difference in an agent’s career. Curtis emphasizes that understanding and communicating these benefits are crucial for successful agent attraction.

A significant portion of the discussion is dedicated to agent equity and ownership. Curtis explains the benefits of agent equity programs, highlighting how agents can earn stock and ownership in the company. He contrasts traditional brokerage models with EXP's equity model, showcasing how EXP offers more opportunities for agents to build long-term wealth and ownership. This part of the conversation provides a clear comparison between the old and new ways of doing business in real estate.

The episode also delves into the Icon Agent program. Curtis details how agents can earn back their cap in stock upon achieving Icon status, explaining the substantial benefits that come with this achievement. Personal stories of agents who have benefited from the Icon program add a personal touch, demonstrating the real-world impact of these opportunities.

Industry trends and future predictions are another key topic in this episode. Curtis discusses the ongoing shift from traditional franchise models to cloud-based models, explaining how EXP’s innovative approach is setting new standards in the industry. He compares EXP's model with other real estate companies, providing insights into why more agents are moving towards cloud-based brokerages. Curtis also shares his predictions on the future of real estate brokerages, offering valuable insights for agents looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Collaboration and coaching are highlighted as essential elements for success in real estate. Curtis discusses the importance of sharing best practices among agents and the benefits of having multiple business partners and mentors. He emphasizes the value of coaching and training within EXP, explaining how these resources help agents grow and succeed.

The episode wraps up with a promotion for the upcoming Build Event in August 2024. Curtis provides details on the speakers and sessions planned for the event, encouraging agents to attend and collaborate. The Build Event is presented as a prime opportunity for agents to learn, network, and grow together.

As an action item, Curtis Shewell is tasked with preparing a presentation on agent attraction strategies without focusing on revenue share. This task underscores the episode's theme of finding alternative ways to attract and retain agents by highlighting the many non-financial benefits that come with joining a forward-thinking company like EXP.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights on attracting agents without relying on revenue share, learn about the benefits of agent equity and ownership, and stay updated on the latest industry trends and predictions. Don’t miss out on Curtis Shewell’s expert advice and the exciting opportunities discussed in this episode!



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