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D Listers of History

Welcome to D Listers of History, a podcast about people you've never heard of who changed the world. Every week, Fayge and Mazal explore the history that makes us who we are today. Our biography episodes dive deep into the lives of incredible people most have never heard of. These are people who did big things or represent big ideas that impact what is happening in our world today. Our Sidebar episodes focus on a current event and explore a piece of history that brought us to this historical moment. Always entertaining and sometimes with a bit of sass, join us in our explorations of the "D Listers" of history. Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.


May 20, 2024 10 mins

There is quite a bit of disagreement regarding how to handle the results of our modern opioid epidemic. In Philadelphia, Mayor Cherelle Parker, amidst heavy criticism, "cleaned up" one of the largest encampments where people lived and used out in the open.

This is not Philadelphia's first brush with a neighborhood overwhelmed by addiction. In 1963, 31 people mysteriously died all over Philadelphia's Skid Row neighborhood. Y...

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The Chevalier d'Eon is one of those historical figures who pop up now and again, mostly because no one knows what to do with them. Were they a trans woman? A man masquerading as a woman for political reasons? Outside of salacious curiosity about their sex and gender, do they actually matter?

This week, Fayge and Mazal dive into d'Eon's life to explore how we talk about queer historical figures respectfully.

D'Eon was...

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May 6, 2024 10 mins

Note: We had a lot of technical difficulties with this one so please forgive the significantly lower than usual production values

On this week's D Lister's of History Sidebar, Fayge reflects on one of the most infamous protests, the May 1970 protest at Kent State University. You can learn more about the Kent State anti-war protests at Kent State's dedicated online archive



D Lis...

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“I hold this slow, and daily, tampering with the mysteries of the brain to be immeasurably worse than any torture of the body.” Charles Dickens, 1842

Eastern State Penitentiary dominates Fairmount Ave in Philadelphia. The physical structure is intimidating, but the stories of the horrors that happened there are even more terrifying. Interestingly, though, the people who founded Eastern State and the man who designed it, John Hav...

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April 22, 2024 70 mins

Does declaring yourself God automatically make you a cult leader? Turns out, like most things, it is complicated.

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Today's audio drop is a recording of Father Divine from the International Peace Mission Movement


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April 15, 2024 69 mins

Have you ever wondered why that girl you haven't spoken to since high school ~really~ wants to sell you essential oils/leggings/makeup/nail wraps/etc? One of the men to blame is David McConnell, the founder of the company now known as Avon. Fayge and Mazal dive into Avon's history, and how we got to that weird social media message, you don't know how to respond to.

Disclaimer: These are our opinions based on publicly availab...

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How did Title IX come to be, and why is it so closely associated with collegiate sports?

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Thank you to April Keez for the use of the songs "Misfit" and "Grow Up" from the Album Mountainview. Find her album on Bandcamp.

In Episode audio from the BBC's Mrs. America, Series 1 Episode 1.

Audio drop from: ESPN - Caitlin Clark Breaks N...

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April 1, 2024 57 mins

In today's episode, Mazal and Fayge discuss one of Fayge's favorite authors, Baroness Emma Orczy. Orczy is best known for writing the Scarlet Pimpernel series.

Was the Scarlet Pimpernel the world's first modern superhero? Was Marguerite actually the cleverest woman in Europe? Can you still access the treasure trove of early 2000s Scarlet Pimpernel online fan culture?

Which Scarlet Pimpernel Character Are You?


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What happened when a US President was unable to discharge the duties of his office? The answer to this is absolutely bonkers and is worth exploring today.

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Audio drop from Woodrow Wilson's...

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On today's episode, author Jack Maher discusses his novel "Poppy: A Novel About A Colorful Colorado Life" and the titular "Poppy," Eric Douglas.

Fayge and Mazal explore the incredible life of the man who, as curator for the Denver Art Museum, worked tirelessly to teach White America about and to love Native American art. His work still resonates today as the United States continues to grapple with its often bloody past with Indi...

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CN: This episode discusses abortion, infant death, IVF, and modern far-right white supremacy

In Colonial America, abortion of early pregnancies was not only legal but was viewed as a typical medical procedure.

February 2023, the State of Alabama ruled that frozen embryos have the same rights as a child after birth.

How did we end up here?

Support Abortion Access through the National Network of Abortion Funds


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March 4, 2024 70 mins

People call the Chevalier de Saint-George the "Black Mozart" but frankly, they should be calling Mozart the "White Chevalier." Mazal and Fayge dive into the history of one of the 18th century's most skilled and famous composers you've never heard of (but you should have.)

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Thank you to April Keez for the use of the songs "Misfit" and "Grow Up" from the Album Mountainview. Fi...

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How unique was Tucker Carlson's big adventure to Russia? American journalism has a long and sordid history when it comes to talking about and interacting with dictators. So, what do we do about it?

Discussion between Mary Louise Kelly and Martin Baron -

NPR: How should the media cover Trump and Biden in 2024? One man has an answer

Further Reading:

NPR: Tucker Carlson, the fired Fox News star, makes a bid for relevance with Put...

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February 19, 2024 58 mins

When we sit down to drink a relaxing cup of tea, most of us aren't thinking too much about the journey it took to get into our cups. Nicole Wilson, though, is a tea blogger and educator so knowing all the ins and outs of tea is kind of her thing.

Nicole and I talk about Robert Fortune, the man who stole tea from China, launching the machine that would become British tea production.

Check out Nicole's blog at www.teaformepleas...

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The Penn Museum recently raised the ire of community groups and historians for their handling of the Morton Collection. We will explore what the Morton Collection is, its legacy and why people are once again upset with the Penn Museum.

A few places to get more information:




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There are a lot of ways to approach bigotry. Some call it out loudly, others encourage conversation, and then there is Uriah Levy. Levy tackled antisemitism in the US Navy head on through law, public opinion and of course, a good slap across the face. Fayge and actor Robert Neumark Jones discuss Levy's life and what we can learn from his legacy.

Check out Robert's work on his website: https://robertnj.com/ including his podcast Blis...

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A rich an powerful man like former President Trump is not the first, nor unfortionately, the last man to assault someone. This week E Jean Carroll got the last word in and we remember Nan Britton, another woman who got one up on the most powerful man in the nation.

Interstitial Music:

"SOME OF THESE DAYS" Sophie Tucker  Composed by Shelton Brooks Accompanied by Ted Shapiro, piano and unknown musicians Recorded September 2, 1927 Oke...

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Fayge sits down with author Mack Little to discuss slave revolts in 17th century Barbados and all the fascinating complexity of Barbados in that era. The lines between race and class were very different from our modern expectations. We also discuss how to research less discussed topics and the importance of seeing yourself in history.

See Mack Little's information, including where to find her books, on her website: https://www.mack-...

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Everyone was shocked when the NYPD had to break up a civil disturbance in the world headquarters of the Chabad movement, but how did they come to be there in the first place? In this sidebar, we talk about the origins of the Hassidic movement in Judaism in general and Chabad in particular.

If you want to learn more about the tunnels, here are a few sources I recommend:

Interstellar_Isabellar did a great run down on Youtube

The Jeru...

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January 8, 2024 52 mins

Fayge and Isa sit down with Lucas Zellers, author of the new Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual "Book of Extinction" to discuss the life and legacy of the entomologist JD Tothill. What Tothill a hero or a villain? Why do the British always make a mess of everything? Will Fayge ever say "insect" instead of "bug?" (No.)


Get the Book of Extinction at: https://magehandpress.com/extinction


Episode sections:

Intros and Dungeons and Drago...

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