Dear Franny

Dear Franny

Welcome to the podcast of uncommon conversations about love. Hosted by love and life coach, TED speaker and former Survivor contestant Francesca Hogi (@dearfranny). Expect to see love and dating from a brand new perspective.


March 29, 2024 17 mins

Hello! We’re back with a surprise bonus episode introducing Franny’s new love manifestation offering, Believe and Receive. 


If you’re ready to bridge the gap between belief in the abundance of love and having a true love relationship, this 6-month mentorship program is for you! Learn more and sign up at:


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Watch Franny’s TED talk: ...

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In the final episode of 2023, Franny lays out the six most common perspectives on dating that block you by making dating much more difficult. Learn how to make your love journey more fulfilling in 2024 and beyond. 

If you’re ready to go deeper and make 2024 your year of true love, join Franny for her new 6 class series that will teach you how to put love at the center as you date with more success than e...

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December 15, 2023 21 mins

As 2023 comes to a close Franny reflects on the year and the advantages of setting a yearly theme. Her 2023 theme was intention, and she reflects on the impact it had on her 2023 manifestations, from her TED talk to a book deal. Franny invites you to reflect on what your 2024 has in store! 


WATCH Franny’s talk at:


***Franny’s 21-Day course, How to Date With...

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December 8, 2023 20 mins

The wait is over! Franny’s TED talk about a world where everyone has true love is finally live! In this episode, she talks about manifesting this talk, as well as how, by embracing love holistically, we can make true love inevitable. 


WATCH Franny’s talk at:


***Franny’s 21-Day course, How to Date With Intention is 50% off for a limited time! Get your copy H...

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Franny is back! With lots of major life and career updates. One of them being the release of her Ted Talk on December 8th! This episode is a brief preview of some of the topics discussed in that conversation. Including exposing some of the ways that the Fairytale Industrial Complex sets us up for romantic dissatisfaction, such as the importance we put into diamond rings, setting folks up for romance scams, and simply u...

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September 1, 2023 22 mins

Franny’s back from a mid-summer break with an episode everyone looking for love needs to hear. This is especially true if you’re burnt out with dating apps or repelled by them entirely. Because she wants you to know how to meet people organically and serendipitously, Franny shares the 7 pillars of her “meet cute” mindset. This is the mindset she embraced that enabled her to meet her own true love walking down the stree...

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This week’s show is a special rebroadcast of the recent Purple Pants Podcast interview with our own Dear Franny. This is a candid conversation between host Brice Izyah and Franny, where she shares some personal stories and also gives some life and love advice to her friend Izyah. 


Survivor fans will recognize Brice from Survivor: Cagayan. Enjoy this fun episode!


You can find Brice on Insta...

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Lots of people know about attachment styles (Anxious/Avoidant/Secure/Disorganized), but what does it mean for your love life? This week, Franny gives an overview of the origins of Attachment Theory, the main characteristics of the different styles, and some words of caution too. She reminds us that our attachment style is not our destiny and that we can work towards becoming more secure without self-judgment.


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The modern dating journey can be a lonely one. In this week’s episode, Franny shares tips on how to feel more connected and less alone while dating. From finding community to prioritizing self care and more, you’ll learn how to have more holistic happiness while you’re seeking love. 


PLUS: If you’re seeking a higher level of support while you navigate dating and life, use coupon code DEARFRANNY to join h...

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Have you ever stopped to consider your relationship philosophy? How do you believe relationships do or should work? In this week’s episode, Franny asks the listener to examine their relationship philosophy, as well as sharing her own and some examples of common relationship philosophies, such as “find someone who loves you more than you love them.”


Franny also shares a profound moment of self-reflection ...

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What do you actually expect to happen? Does what you expect line up with what you actually want? In this episode, Franny reflects on the power of expectations and agreements and how they shape our experiences in various areas of life, particularly in romance and dating. She shares examples of transcending challenging circumstances and encourages listeners to question and challenge their own limitations. She believes th...

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In lieu of a brand new episode this week, we're rebroadcasting one of our most popular Season 4 episodes on the meaning of manifestation and how it works. Enjoy! _________________________________

Manifestation is a buzzword that is often thrown around but rarely understood. In this episode, Franny sets up a foundational understanding of what manifestation is, sharing her knowledge on the subject, and...

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In this eye-opening episode, Franny introduces 4 reasons why dating with intention matters (they might surprise you). She challenges the idea that online dating is the only way to find love in our modern times, and encourages us to embrace the art of organic connections. Using personal stories and her years of coaching experience, Franny shares practical tips and techniques to transform your dating journey.


Read more

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In this episode, Franny answers the question of whether you have to date online if you’re serious about finding love. Spoiler alert: the answer is no! You don’t have to date online if you hate online, but there are some other things that Franny suggests you do instead to make sure you’re not missing out on love! Listen and get ready to shift your perspective on how to make love happen no matter where you are. 


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In this episode, Franny dives into the topic of breaking the pattern of being attracted to unavailable people. Whether they’re already in a relationship or rather emotionally unavailable, this pattern can be frustrating and painful. Franny explores the subconscious factors that contribute to this vicious cycle and the steps necessary to break free so you can have fulfilling relationships!


** Want a chanc...

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Franny defines “living in alignment”  as being aware of the authentic flow of your life, values, and what brings you joy. She breaks down the spectrum of flow states, from extreme examples like marathon runners in a state of blissful flow to those overwhelmed and disconnected from their own needs. Learn how you can cultivate more alignment in your daily life. 


Francesca introduces the Aligned Values Exer...

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Welcome to Season 5 of Dear Franny! After a long hiatus, host Francesca Hogi, aka Franny, is back with a whole season dedicated to the theme of embodying more love. In this episode, Franny reintroduces herself and shares exciting news about her recent TED Talk experience, which taught her a valuable lesson about courage and imperfect action. 


Franny also discusses the importance of connection and self-lo...

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December 30, 2022 27 mins

Franny’s 2022 deep dive into manifestation and surrender has resulted in the lessons she shares in this episode. From releasing self-doubt to the importance of rest, these are life lessons that will serve you in 2023 and beyond. 


If you’re interested in matchmaking, schedule a call with Franny here Read more

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Surprise! Franny is back with an episode about navigating the holidays while single. This time of year can be particularly challenging when you’re single and would prefer not to be, Protecting your peace is an inside job, and Franny shares her advice about how to do just that during this holiday season. 


Season 5 is coming (we promise!), but until then enjoy t...

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It’s the season 4 finale! Franny promises season 5 is coming this fall, with brand new interview episodes. She also shares her desire to manifest an interview with U2 lead singer Bono, and tells the story of her first manifestation at age 17, which is Bono-related! Then she dives into the topic, dispelling the 3 biggest misconceptions people have about manifestation. If you’re committed to expanding ...

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