Dirt in Your Skirt - The Podcast
Dirt in Your Skirt - The Podcast

Dirt in Your Skirt - The Podcast


#064 - Megan Walsh - On Creating Stoke, Healthy Relationships, Starting Businesses and knowing when to close them, and Mocean MTB60 min
#063 - Rea Kolbl - Finding Obstacle Racing, Dangers of Pursuing a Singular Goal, and Women in Physics.52 min
#062 - Adelaide Goodeve - Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome55 min
#061 - Jeannine Tidwell - Twin Eagles Wilderness School, Talks Rites of Passage, Divine Feminine, and Why We Need Nature55 min
#060 - Nilani Trent - Fine Art Advisor, adn Pawning Her Wedding Ring for a Champion Horse51 min
#059 - Debra Silverman - Author of The Four Elements - Combining Psychology, Astrology, and Comedy to Teach Us to Find Our Observer49 min
#058 - Ashley Hartz - On Backcountry Skiing in Iraq and Afghanistan48 min
#057 - Bianca Valenti - Big Wave Surfer, Breaking Gender Barriers, and Protecting the Environment51 min
#056 - Nina Teicholz - NYT Bestselling Author of The Big Fat Surprise, Why we Shouldn't Fear Dietary and Saturated Fats58 min
#055 - Anna "Frosty" Frost - Ultra and Mountain Running, Adventure Travel, Hardrock 100, and Creating a Unique Life52 min

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