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Chris Parker, the founder of WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, interviews guests and tells real-life stories about topics to open your eyes to the danger and traps lurking in the real world, ranging from online scams and frauds to everyday situations where people are trying to take advantage of you—for their gain and your loss. Our goal is to educate and equip you, so you learn how to spot the warnings signs of trouble, take quick action, and lower the risk of becoming a victim.... Show More
June 17, 2020 42 min

Have you ever wondered what strange things a digital forensic investigator has to dig through? Listen to this episode to find out.  

Our guest for this episode is Jake Moore. Jake Moore is a cybersecurity specialist for ESET, Europe’s number one internet security and anti-virus company. Jake previously worked in the police force for 14 years investigating cybercrime in the Digital Forensics Unit and Cyber Crime Team in Dorset.  In 2016, he was asked to implement cybersecurity advisers in order to make local communities more aware of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats.    

Jake shares many experiences working in digital forensics and cybersecurity. We also discuss simple things you can do to keep cybercriminals away and social media accounts safe.  

Show Notes:
  • [01:05] - Jake shares the background on how he got started in cybersecurity. 
  • [03:20] - Without an understanding of cybercrime and what they are doing there is a huge chance that these companies are going to end up losing millions of dollars down the line.  
  • [03:57] - When Chris was in college he was very interested in crime scene investigation and he did a ride-along with a crime scene investigator.  
  • [06:13] - Jake shares a story about a time he received a laptop as part of a murder investigation.
  • [08:37] - In the UK, they have a system for reporting all cybercrimes called Action Fraud. 
  • [09:53] - Cybercrime and fraud are making up over 50% of crime in the UK.  
  • [11:03] - Prevention is the best cure.  
  • [12:31] - Use a password manager.  90% of people are using two or three passwords for everything.  
  • [13:29] - Jake also suggests turning on two factor or multifactor identification.  Every social media and email account offers it.  
  • [15:14] - If it hasn’t happened to them or their nearest and dearest then people think cybersecurity won’t happen to them.  
  • [17:22] - Sometimes in scamming emails they include an old password that they acquired from a data breach.  
  • [18:39] - Jake likes to make people aware that you can phish people’s information.  
  • [21:04] - Even people with awareness tend to forget about things as soon as something amazing comes along.   
  • [23:24] - Cybercriminals are very crafty and they are doing their homework. 
  • [24:34] - They often feed their victims’ egos just enough to get them to bite.  
  • [25:24] - Cybercriminals use urgency as one of the key factors.  
  • [26:06] - The use of authority is another key factor.  
  • [28:14] - Always backup your data.  This is a good practice for everyone and can be beneficial in many different circumstances.  
  • [30:31] - It is important to have a local back-up and a cloud back-up.  
  • [32:01] - Chris has two back-up cloud services and a rotating clone of his hard drive.  
  • [34:15] - Chris shares a back-up story about a company that he worked for.  
  • [35:19] - Some people learn the hard way and sometimes that is what it takes.  
  • [36:46] - It is important to have a place to store your photos and just use your phone for recent photos. 
  • [37:21] - If Jake’s 73-year-old mum can do it then anyone can.
  • [39:12] - Sometimes providing more information can almost backfire and trip people up.  
  • [39:44] - Awareness and education have to go hand and hand. 
  • [40:36] - The number one rule is never to click on any link in an email. 
  • [41:02] - Jake’s best advice is to do one of the things they talked about today in the podcast. 
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