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Chris Parker, the founder of WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, interviews guests and tells real-life stories about topics to open your eyes to the danger and traps lurking in the real world, ranging from online scams and frauds to everyday situations where people are trying to take advantage of you—for their gain and your loss. Our goal is to educate and equip you, so you learn how to spot the warnings signs of trouble, take quick action, and lower the risk of becoming a victim.... Show More
April 8, 2020 28 min

With over ten million cyber-attacks reported daily, we have to be equipped with the knowledge, information, and software to protect ourselves and our families. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there was a sudden shift of employees working at home and this has become even more of a problem. Since time wasn’t available for most businesses to create a well-thought-out plan, that opens the door for even more cyberattacks. 

In this episode, Dr. Eric Cole and I talk about specific ways to make cyberspace a safe place to live and work. We talk about how to lock down your wireless access point, specific ways you need to update your computer, and most importantly how can you prevent these attacks. 

World-Renowned Cybersecurity Expert with more than 30 years of network security experience, Dr. Eric Cole is a distinguished cybersecurity expert and keynote speaker who helps organizations curtail the risk of cyber threats. Many of the foundational principles of this course and training in cybersecurity were developed by Dr. Cole. He has worked with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to top international banks, to the CIA, for which he was a professional hacker.

While he started his career on the offense, he is now fully dedicated to understanding the adversary so he can provide cost-effective solutions that actually work. As a pioneer in the area of cybersecurity, he has been inducted into the Infosec hall of Fame, awarded the Cyber Wingman Award from the US Air Force, received multiple accommodations from the CIA and was part of the commission on cybersecurity for President Obama. He has been the featured speaker at many security events and also has been interviewed by several chief media outlets such as CNN, CBS News, FOX News and 60 Minutes.

Show Notes:

  • [01:41] - Most businesses when they are making decisions usually look at the benefits and security risks. With everything happening so quickly right now it is just survival mode. 
  • [02:15] - It is dangerous to get people up in running without a security plan because people assume that their home network is secure and protected, but often it is not. Most people were never meant to run their business off their home network. 
  • [02:39] - The first step is to lock down your wireless access point. 
  • [04:27] - If you are going to be clicking on links or opening email attachments about Corna or anything emotional use an Android, iPhone, or IPad. Don’t use Windows for doing that web surfing and email right now. 
  • [05:03] - If you are running a business you need to pay for the commercial file storage. Free isn’t free. The free accounts are a higher risk to your business. 
  • [06:24] - Search for directions to update your specific router and you will find easy to follow directions for your exact router. In less than 10 minutes your now in a much better position and much safer than you were ten minutes prior. 
  • [07:13] - When it comes to cybersecurity you are going to pay the pipe. You either pay now or pay later. Do you want to spend 10 minutes now patching, locking down and updating your router or do you want to wait for 2-3 months when your data and identity are stolen and then you have to spend 300 hours trying to clean and fix everything?
  • [09:24] - Make sure your password to log-in to your wi-fi is different than your administrative password. In the last 3-4 weeks, there has been an increase in cybercrime. 
  • [11:10] - What people don’t realize is that free is not free. They are using your data. 
  • [14:01] - If the service is really free and the company is staying in business there have to be some exposure points they are not telling people about.  
  • [16:01] - No matter what somebody says or does never give away that second factor in your two-factor identification. Eric highly suggests account monitoring over two-factor identification. 
  • [16:44] - Prevention is ideal, detection is a must. Set up account notifications so if someone is logging into your account or even attempting to log in you will get a text notification.  
  • [17:24] - If you catch fraudulent bank activity within 24 hours it is usually reversible. Turn on your notifications so if something weird is going on with your account you will be notified immediately and can take action. 
  • [19:33] - If you get a call from your bank saying there is a problem with your account, tell them you are going to hang up and call them back. If they start making excuses you should know there is a problem. 
  • [21:00] - If you get an email that has an emotional response, urgency, and something feels a little off or unusual pick up the phone and verify it. 
  • [21:44] - When working at home paranoia is your friend. Trust no one, admit nothing and make counter-accusations. 
  • [22:21] - Make sure all software, operating systems and anything you are running is up to date. Check your support pieces like Adobe and Java. 
  • [23:49] - When using Zoom or online teleconferencing programs set the additional passcode every time you do a conference meeting. You should also review everyone on the call. If there is an attendee you do not know you can knock them out of the call.  
  • [25:17] - When taking a picture of your workspace, be conscious of what people can see on your screen and in the background. 
  • [26:16] - Assume that your video camera is on and always dress appropriately for online videos. 
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