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February 6, 2024 37 mins

Hot off the dumping of Bard, Erin, Mordy, and Jacob jump into all the changes happening within Google this week. That’s right… Bard is no more, as Google announces relaunch of chat based AI tool adopting the moniker Gemeni. 

The UK is increasing criticism of third party cookies, putting Google on the spot. Plus, Google is testing out a new form of Generative AI, developed to answer local questions on Maps. 

Come join us on the EDGE for this week’s latest SEO news, and please remember to keep Bard in your thoughts as we honor the Chat bot’s mediocre legacy. 

News from the EDGE:

[00:04:36 ] Bard Out, Gemini In: Changelog Confirms the Upcoming Rebrand Effort from Google

[00:10:14] Do You Have Some Invisible Pages? Google Addresses Indexing Glitch from Last Week

[00:12:03] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Site Strategics 

[00:12:58 ] Tracking Trouble: Can Google Fix its Cookie Alternative in Time?

AI Blitz:

[00:17:58] EDGE of The Web Sponsor: Hostinger 

[00:19:21] Experts from 30 nations will contribute to global AI safety report

AI Tools:

[00:20:28] Books GPT- Your personal AI guide for discovering and recommending books

[00:21:22] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: InLinks

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

[00:23:34] Google Search officially retires cache link

[00:24:52] Google Maps Tests AI Generated Answers For Local Questions With Local Guides

[00:29:32] Google Local Service Ads "Highly Rated" Label

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