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February 20, 2024 39 mins

The EDGE team covered a slew of news this week. Articles from Search Engine Land, Search Engine Round Table, and Search Engine Journal covered the landscape of digital marketing news, but we were able to get a couple of nice AI pieces in there. Watch Reddit folks, they just doubled down on their value by inking a $60m deal with an “unknown” AI company. Any guesses? You also want to check out Sora, the text-to-video feature from OpenAI (we will soon be in a world of video inception). Lastly, check your Meta Ads expenses this weekend. They spent your money like a teenager at the mall, and now they are sorry.

We’re bringing back the EDGE Newsletter! Join us to catch these headlines and many of the others that didn’t make it to the show, but were really interesting! Your News(letter) from the EDGE awaits here!

News from the EDGE:

[00:03:33] Google Launches "How Search Works" Series To Demystify SEO

[00:07:35] Meta Apologizes After Ad Error Causes Campaigns to Overspend by 'Thousands'

[00:10:35] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Site Strategics 

[00:11:31] Reddit Dominates Google Search Discussions/Forums

AI News:

[00:17:57] Reddit Signs Content Licensing Deal with AI Company Ahead of IPO, Bloomberg Reports

[00:21:14] OpenAI Introduces Sora

[00:22:58] OpenAI's ChatGPT Is Testing a Memory Feature

AI Tools:

[00:24:20] Unveils New Image Recognition Technology

[00:26:47] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: InLinks

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

[00:27:52] Google Introduces New Stories in Top Stories Section

[00:28:42] Google Emphasizes the Importance of Recovery Timing and Helpful Content Update

[00:30:21] Google Refines Search DMA Rich Results Aggregator Units and Refinement Chips

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