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April 29, 2024 17 mins

Welcome to EO Radio Show - Your Nonprofit Legal Resource. Episode 78 is the 11th in a series of Quick Tip episodes focusing on the details of state registration of nonprofit corporations. With Joe Hilliard's help today, we examine the basic state filing requirements for nonprofit corporations operating in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Previous episodes addressed filing in Delaware and California, which are the most frequently used by our clients, most of whom have a connection with California. Other episodes have focused on the state filings in Nevada and Arizona, Washington State and Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii, New York and New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut, Maine and Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, Florida and Louisiana, and most recently North Carolina and South Carolina.

You can find all the prior episodes on our website or the Farella YouTube Channel, where there is a playlist just for state filing requirements. In future episodes, we'll work our way through the rest of the states.

Show Notes:

YouTube channel:

Kentucky Resources:

Kentucky Secretary of Business Services page:

Kentucky Current Entity Database:

Kentucky Business Filings FAQ: 

Kentucky Filing Fees:

Kentucky Online Business Forms Library:

Kentucky Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation:

Kentucky Foreign Registration Form:

Kentucky  Document Online Services Index:

Kentucky Secretary of State FAQ, including processing times:

Kentucky Annual Report online filing:

Kentucky Office of the Attorney General Charitable Giving Page:

Kentucky Attorney General Registration Requirements for Charitable Organizations:

Kentucky Charities Forms Page:

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