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May 11, 2024 25 mins

Welcome to EO Radio Show - Your Nonprofit Legal Resource. In this episode, I'm happy to refresh EO Radio Show episode 21, the first of our two episodes exploring private foundation rules using the Apple TV+ series Loot, starring Maya Rudolph. Season two of Loot was released early in April 2024, and we plan to revisit the Wells Foundation and private foundation rules and the other legal issues in a new podcast episode later this spring.

So, to bring all of our listeners up to speed, here's the first of our two original episodes, where my partner Hons Yung and I, with our unique legal lens, explore season one of Loot. But, a word of caution, we do reveal some, but not all, of the exciting plot lines. If you're keen on joining us in dissecting the legal aspects of the series, we recommend binge-watching season one first, then returning to listen to this episode and the next one for the technical legal issues we've spotted in season one of Loot.

Show Notes:

Hons Yung, Partner, Farella Braun + Martel

Loot on Apple TV +

EO Radio ShowEpisode 2: Nonprofit Basics: Designators, Members, Directors, Officers: The Who’s Who of Nonprofit Governance

IRS form 4720 (Return of Certain Excise Taxes) Instructions

IRS form 990PF (Annual Return of Private Foundation) Instructions

Hons Yung’s favorite movie podcast: The Rewatchables

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