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May 20, 2024 25 mins

Welcome to EO Radio Show - Your Nonprofit Legal Resource. In this episode, I refresh EO Radio Show episode 22, the second of our two episodes exploring private foundation rules using commentary on the comic Apple TV+ series Loot, starring Maya Rudolph.

In the second of our two original episodes exploring season one of Loot, my partner Hons Yung and I, with our unique legal lens, examine the legal aspects of the series. But a word of caution: We do reveal some, but not all, of the exciting plot lines. Before joining us, we recommend binge-watching season one first, then returning and listening to episodes 80 and 81 for the technical legal issues we had fun with when watching season one of Loot.

Season two of Loot was released early in April 2024, and we plan to revisit the Wells Foundation and private foundation rules in an episode later this spring.

Show notes:

Note to listeners from Cynthia: I did the math after the episode—$87 million is one-tenth of one percent of $87 billion!

Hons Yung, Partner, Farella Braun + Martel

Loot on Apple TV +

IRS form 4720 (Return of Certain Excise Taxes) Instructions

IRS form 990PF (Annual Return of Private Foundation) Instructions

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