Staying Competitive in a Healthy Way

August 3, 201727 min
Most of us are keenly aware of our own personality attributes and if we possess a competitive edge. Now, the bigger question is: Does it work to our advantage? How competitive are you, and do you find it useful to be one way or the other? In this episode, George and Rachel discuss being competitive in a healthy way. Here’s what was covered [3:45] People being competitive in a nasty way. [5:03] The benefits of team sports. [11:04] How we can learn how to achieve a goal by learning skills. [11:52] When does competitiveness become unhealthy? [14:54] Why do some people shy away from competition? [15:40] The importance of letting go. [16:47] Your ability to control your emotions. [20:11] What really is a mistake? [22:15] How competition provides us with opportunities. You may also want to listen to: - Re-invention: what it means for you and your life - Fear of failure - Owning up to despicable behaviour

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