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Explore visibility and the art of owning your power as you align your brand. Host and Flaunt Your Fire CEO India Jackson has conversations that disrupt industry standards and defy stale marketing advice. If you are ready to amplify your influence and create lasting impact, you are in the right place.


September 26, 2023 4 mins

Erica and India discuss their intentions for the shows Pause on the Play® and Flaunt Your Fire®.  After nearly 300 combined episodes, they pause to explore how to use them as continued resources and how to stay in the loop about future projects.

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Mark as Played

It’s increasingly common for people with traditional jobs to be building their own businesses and brands outside of their regular working hours. 

But when you have a traditional job, it can sometimes be difficult to assess how and where to show up publicly. This can be especially true if you work in a field like government or law enforcement.

Officer Kenny Dean joins India to discuss how he started and evolved his social med...

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Fashion is part of everyday life.

Whether you love it and follow the latest trends, or you’re a minimalist with a capsule wardrobe, or none of the above, we all have to wear clothes.

E.K. Powell joined India for a live conversation within The Pause on the Play Community about the lesser-known history of fashion, gender norms, and the role of capitalism in what we think are just preferences.

In this discussion:

  • The real...
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Change is inevitable, whether in you, your brand, or the humans who are a part of it.

How we meet change is up to us. How do you honor the life and death cycles that come with change?

Brionna Ned joins India for a conversation about death, rebirth, growth, and change within life and business.

In this discussion:

  • How Brionna helps people navigate death cycles and change 
  • Why Brionna believes it’s vital for people to gain...
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Being explicit about your values in your business used to be frowned upon, but it’s vital to how you market your brand, how you build your company culture, and how you relate to your clients.

In this replay of a 2020 conversation on Racheal Cook’s Promote Yourself to CEO podcast, Racheal and India discuss infusing your values into all aspects of your business, addressing mindset challenges and fears when it comes to gettin...

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Books are powerful tools for learning, connection, evolution, and reconsideration. 

From storytelling through fiction to learning about the real lives of others in nonfiction works, books help us reshape our thinking, communicate with the people in our lives, and sometimes just get lost in a really good story.

Erica Courdae joins India to discuss some of the books that have strongly impacted them and how they think about e...

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Are you more comfortable calling yourself a content creator rather than an influencer?

The word “influencer” has developed something of a negative connotation, but at its core, to be an influencer simply means being someone who is influential to others. If we model actions and behaviors that reflect our values, we can have a positive influence on those who witness us. 

Erica Courdae and India dig into being a positive infl...

Mark as Played

We might think of trends as things that come and go in the worlds of fashion and style, but trends impact the world of work and entrepreneurship as well.

Trends aren’t necessarily negative, but when we follow trends in any capacity without questioning them, it can take us down a path that we didn’t intend to be on. 

In a replay of a live conversation from within The Pause on the Play Community, Brooke Monaghan and India di...

Mark as Played

What role does consent play in your life?

How does it affect the way that you show up? Consent plays a major role in visibility, from the use of your image, to the agreements you make–or don’t make–when you appear in venues like podcasts, to how much you’re compensated, and more.

Stacie Lampkin interviews India about how consent, or lack thereof, has shown up in her life, from modeling contracts to healthcare and beyond.


Mark as Played

People often talk about what their visibility goals are, or how they want to get more visible, especially at the beginning of a year or in the first quarter.

But oftentimes we don’t discuss what we don’t want our visibility to be, what doesn’t feel aligned with how we show up. And that’s important too.

Erica Courdae joins India to discuss feeling invisible, how we judge people for wanting to be witnessed, and why visibilit...

Mark as Played

So often, when we think about visibility, we think about brand deals and marketing. Visibility is so much more than that. 

Visibility includes those that deal with us and navigate our daily lives with us and their impact on our visibility and how we show up in the world, and how we show up for ourselves. 

Mim Jenkinson joins India for a conversation about applying minimalism and the KonMari Method to more than just the phy...

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February 13, 2023 15 mins

A pause is more than a break in the conversation.


A pause can be a spark of curiosity. It can be requesting consent to go deeper on a topic. Pausing can give you space to think through a decision and consider if it’s aligned with your values. And taking a pause can mean making space to Flaunt Your Fire.


India digs into the ways taking a pause can show up in life, what taking a pause from Flaunt Your Fire meant in 2022,...

Mark as Played

Often in the world of content marketing, we witness what people did well, what their successes were, their wins, what worked.

But when we only get messages about what worked, it leaves behind the beauty and the lessons learned from what didn’t work and what we would do differently today.

Erica Courdae joins India for a discussion about failure, what they’d do over if they could, and why they’re actively viewing some of the...

Mark as Played

Many of us have experienced a breach of consent.

Whether it’s the person who’s immediately in your DMs trying to sell you something the moment you added them as a connection on social media, or the person who gives you a hug that lasts a little too long when you reach out your hand for a handshake, we know what that breach feels like.

And the context for consent goes beyond bodily autonomy. Consent matters in our businesse...

Mark as Played

What would it mean to have a business that feels as good to you as it appears on the outside?

How would it feel to have a business that is aligned with your values and is creating and infusing those values into everything it does? That supports and protects people from all backgrounds, especially those who have underrepresented and marginalized identities? 

Rick Mulready joins India to reflect on his journey of bringing hi...

Mark as Played

If content is king, what is that leaving on the table?

We are living in a world where we’re told that we need to produce more and more to be witnessed, but the myth of more often comes at the expense of the quality and purpose of our content. What if we communicated for impact and transformation rather than just feeding the algorithm?

Tara McMullin joins India to discuss the evolution of her content, her business, and how ...

Mark as Played

So often we have a desire to be visible. But there’s also a distinct lack of transparency in the visibility industry, whether you’re an influencer, a photographer, a model, a speaker, even musicians and actors.

It’s really challenging to figure out what other people charge. And what you should, could, or can charge to collaborate with a brand or appear as a speaker.

Evolve Benton joins India and Erica for a discussion on t...

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Podcasts can be a tool for amplifying your influence, but they can also be an incredible resource for your clients and community members.

When you go beyond using a podcast just for content marketing, you can honor the fact that your podcast, or your guest appearances, can also be a resource.

Erica Courdae and India dig into how to use podcasts as a resource for workshops, current and prospective clients, and your communit...

Mark as Played

For some people, podcasts operate as a form of entertainment or the modern version of a radio show.

But podcasts can be powerful tools for creators.

Erica Courdae joins India to discuss their perspectives on how their podcasts have evolved, and how to use podcasts as tools for your life and your brand.

In this discussion:

  • How a podcast can support your core messages
  • Why a podcast is a platform for thought leadership
  • H...
Mark as Played

In brand visibility work, so often the focus is on the tangibles, the things we need to learn.

But it’s also incredibly important to take the time to integrate what we’ve learned.

What becomes possible when you take the time and space to revisit that new information and figure out how to incorporate it into your life, your business, your brand, and your visibility?

Erica Courdae interviews India about what she’s been learn...

Mark as Played

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