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Dynamic Learning in the Classroom - GTT051

April 15, 201833 min
Google News and Updates () Add a custom favicon in the new Google Sites Google Maps learns 39 new languages Making it easier to find and share GIFs with Google Chromebook tablets for versatile learning Featured Content () Examples with G Suite:  Student-Created Learning Goals with Google Keep Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides Using G Suite for Discussion Google Classroom Discussion Google Groups Discussion Blogger Blog with Comments Interactive Google Slide Deck Google Forms Survey Using G Suite to go BEYOND the Tools Create an eBook with Google Slides Stop Motion with Google Slides 10+ Things You Didn’t Know Google Slides Could Do Pixel art in Google Sheets Using G Suite for Student Choice Create Interactive Learning Menus with G Suite Give Students Choice in Google Classroom Assignments Build Choice into Hyperdocs Do This, Not That [infographic] Kasey’s Dynamic Learning with G Suite Presentation SUBMIT LESSONS!!! Buy the Book: Shake Up Learning Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag () Melissa Widrick recently commented on a previous episode's post: Keyboard shortcuts: Use CTRL+D in google slides to duplicate objects or word art. I love using word art over the text box, because you can adjust the size quickly, and if you use CTRL +D to copy it, you don't have to change the color and the font every time. Thank you to Monica Spillman and Laura Steinbrink for your recent Apple Podcasts Ratings and Reviews! On The Blogs () Matt - Shukes and Giff Podcast Kasey - 20 Tech Tips for Teachers [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]

Chat About Dynamic Learning in the Classroom - GTT051

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