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The Circular Economy technology podcast that explores how technology can enable the transition to a circular economy. As we face major global issues such as climate change, waste crises, and biodiversity loss, it's clear that the traditional linear economy needs to change. We must transform how we manage resources, make and use products, and deal with materials at the end of their life. A circular economy offers part of the solution, and technology can help make it a reality. Join the podcast to hear from leading experts and digital leaders about the role of technology, software, and digital in achieving a circular transformation. Learn about the latest developments in circularity and how they can be implemented in real-world contexts. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable future.


September 21, 2023 45 mins

Welcome to our final, Wrap-Up episode of Season 7!

In this episode, we reflect on all the fascinating conversations we’ve had in season 7. We have spoken to a range of consultants, experts, trainers and advisors who help others transition to circular economy practices. We express our gratitude for the diverse and inspiring guests who have shared their insights and experiences in this field, and pull out ou...

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Welcome to episode 16 of HappyPorch Radio!

In this, final episode of Season 7 we have a fascinating conversation with Dr.Lynn Wilson, an expert in circular fashion and sustainable design and CEO at Circular Design Synergy (Circular DS).

Dr. Lynn talks about the importance of shifting from linear models to circular ones, emphasising that true sustainability lies not just in materials but also i...

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Welcome back to HappyPorch radio and our newest episode!

In episode 15 we engage in a captivating discussion with Nellie Cohen, the Director of Circular Business Models at Anthesis Group, a leading global sustainability advisory firm and certified B Corp. 

Nellie talks about the shift in circularity over the past decade, from merely suggesting the idea to now acknowledging that circular models...

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Welcome to another episode of HappyPorch Radio!

In episode 14 our hosts engage in a very insightful conversation with Cécile van Oppen, who is the Co-Founder of Copper8, a consultancy that helps build the circular economy. 

The conversation explores the shift from circularity as a niche topic to a mainstream strategic focus, as well as the emergence of post-growth strategies and the questionin...

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Welcome back to a new episode of Season 7!

In this episode we interview incredible guests Christian van Maaren, founder and CEO of the Excess Materials Exchange and Anne Rademaker, an independent adviser and consultant in the Circular Economy space. 

We continue the theme of zooming out to gain a higher perspective on the transition to a Circular Economy. Christian and Anne discuss the passion...

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Welcome back to our new episode of Season 7!

In episode 12 we interview Iain McKechnie, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Advanced Services Group within Aston Business School. The discussion centres around the concepts of Servitization and Advanced Services and their connection to the Circular Economy.

Iain describes servitization as a transformation process where businesses move a...

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Welcome back to a new episode of HappyPorch Radio!

Episode 11 features an outstanding interview with Ivonne Bojoh, the COO and Digital Director of the Circle Economy Foundation in Amsterdam. The Foundation's mission is to double global circularity to approximately 17% by 2032 to combat climate breakdown. 

Ivonne joined Circle Economy and developed a digital strategy to scale their impact, leve...

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Welcome back to the newest episode of HappyPorch Radio!

In episode 10, our hosts interview Fleur Ruckley, a Circular Economy and Resource Management Consultant. Fleur currently works at Topolytics on their analytics platform that uses data analytics, mapping and machine learning to make waste and resource management more transparent, more efficient and more effective commercially and environmentally. 

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Welcome to our new episode of HappyPorch Radio!

In episode 9 our host engages in a captivating conversation with Vivian Shi, a Senior Managing Consultant at Oakdene Hollins, a UK-based circular economy consultancy specialising in sustainable practices. 

The consultancy, despite being a small team, works with a wide array of private and public clients and sectors and have recently expanded thei...

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Welcome to another episode of HappyPorch Radio.

In episode 8, our hosts engage in an insightful conversation with Debbie Ward, the Director of Cirklo Consult. Debbie's expertise in circular economy training, education, and advisory services, as well as her passion for sustainability, make her an inspiring guest.

We explore the challenges and possibilities within the circular economy, guided by...

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Welcome back to episode 7 of HappyPorch Radio!

In this episode, we are honoured to interview Pieter van Exter, Director of Product at Metabolic Software. 

Pieter's background in circular economy and decarbonisation projects with Metabolic Consulting sets the stage for discussing his transition to Metabolic Software and the development of Link, a SaaS product assessing company impacts on nature...

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Welcome back to episode 6 of Season 7 of HappyPorch Radio!

In this episode we are joined by Madison Wright, Circular Economy Specialist from Pentatonic.  

According to research conducted by Pentatonic,only a very small percentage of the largest companies in the world are set to hit their net-zero targets. So, for these companies to fulfill their commitments, big changes need to be made. Madiso...

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Welcome to episode 5 of season 7 of HappyPorch Radio! 

In this episode we welcome Elin Bergman, known as the Circular Economy Queen of Sweden. Elin is the CEO of Cradlenet, a network devoted to promoting and implementing a circular economy in Sweden. She is also a Co-founder and Managing Partner of the Nordic Circular Hotspot, a collaboration platform with a mission to accelerate the transition to a circul...

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Welcome to Episode 4 of Season 7 of HappyPorch Radio. 

In this episode, we speak to Paul Foulkes-Arellano, a circularity educator and consultant at Circuthon Consulting. 

Paul discusses his work in the circular economy, guiding businesses through the changing legislative environment and helping them embed circularity into their products and operations. He shares his personal story and emphasiz...

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Welcome to episode 3 of the HappyPorch Radio Podcast. Join us as we explore the transition to circular business models and the challenges and opportunities that come with it. In today's episode, we have two guests from QSA Partners, a B corporation that helps businesses transition to circularity: Gerrard Fisher and Kristina Bull. 

We discuss the importance of reducing consumption, the challenges of impleme...

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Welcome back to HappyPorch Radio and the very beginning of Season 7! 

Today we are joined by Fabrice Sorin from Circulab and he helps us unpack the bigger picture of a circular economy and delve into the importance of systems thinking. 

Circulab originated as a methodology inspired by biomimicry and design thinking. By employing Circulab's approach, businesses can unlock the potential for tran...

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We are back with Season 7 of HappyPorch Radio!

Our hosts Barry O’Kane and Emily Swaddle are excited to explore the intersection of technology and the circular economy even further. They've previously talked about the circular economy from different perspectives in Seasons 5 and 6.

In this season they will be talking to people who assist others in implementing circularity. This will include consultants, advisors, and agencies that d...

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November 4, 2021 30 mins

Today we are taking this opportunity to wrap up Season 6!

We have focused on a variety of different circular economy initiatives and organisations in Africa and have had so many fascinating and illuminating conversations, so we are super excited to look back and pick out some of the highlights and biggest lessons we have learned during these episodes. 

Read more

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Welcome back to Season Six of Happy Porch Radio.

Today, we are joined by Julia Venn from Foodwise, a social enterprise which fights against food waste, and food insecurity by helping businesses repurpose their own food in order to help people in need.

We talk to Julia about the importance of distinguishing between contexts acros...

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Welcome back to another episode of Happy Porch Radio!

You may already know that, in season six, we are talking about the circular economy across Africa.

Today, we are joined by Audrey S-Darko, who is the team lead at Sabon-Sake, a regenerative agricultural startup based in Ghana.

During this ep...

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