Healthy Runner Podcast

Healthy Runner Podcast

Run stronger, faster, and without injuries? Yep, you don’t need to be a frustrated runner that constantly has to stop running. I'm Dr. Duane Scotti, a running physical therapist, coach, and founder of Spark Physical Therapy - Healthy Runner. I'm here to share everything I have learned as a former often injured adult onset runner! I will also interview experts in the running and health world to share their knowledge and wisdom that will inspire you to stay active, stay healthy, and just keep running well into your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond! You could just be starting your running journey and looking to consistently run for stress relief or be an experienced marathoner, we have something for you on this podcast! We discuss practical ways to improve your running strength, training, nutrition, and mindset! If you want to get stronger, run faster, and enjoy lifelong injury free running then you have come to the right place! If you like what you hear, please subscribe, follow, rate and review the show so more runners like you can find us!


April 18, 2024 50 mins

[Download] The Ultimate Guide to Running WITHOUT Hamstring Pain


Do you get pain in your butt right under your glute that gets worse when you sit during work especially after a run?


Do you just dread hills, that achiness feeling after a long run, long car ride or sitting on hard surfaces?


Like so many of you, I thought that I should just stretch my h...

[Download] Marathon Training Guide


How do you prepare for a Disney run?  How do you survive the Dopey Challenge?


In this runDisney ultimate training guide, Dr. Duane Scotti shares with you his 6 key steps to conquering your Disney running dreams!  As the great Walt Disney once said…if you can DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT! Overcome fear or injury during your training with this 6-ste...

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[Download] Race Day Blueprint: 10 Tips to Crush Your Race!


How do you travel for a race? There is no need to stress about a destination marathon or half marathon.  Overcome fear with this 4-step race travel guide!


Coach Whitney LaCombe from our Spark Healthy Runner team shares 4 key tips on traveling stress free for your next race.


In this episode, we’ll provide...

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[Download] Race Day Blueprint


Are you getting ready to run your race?  Whether it is a 5k, half marathon or a marathon here are your race day questions answered!  


In this episode, coach Lufeng Zou  from our Spark Healthy Runner coaching team will reveal expert tips to help you toe the line ready to crush your race! 

Whether you are running a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or a marat...

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[Download] Nutrition Blueprint


Have you been struggling with fueling your body properly for a half marathon?  


Legs feel heavy, sluggish, or you hit the wall or bonked during your last half marathon?


Wondering what nutrition is needed for half marathon training? 


In this episode, coach Brooke Czarnecki, RDN from our Spark Healthy Runner team provi...

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Fear of Running Injuries? Learn How to Prevent and Strengthen!


January and February are crucial months for building strength and preventing injuries as you start your running journey for the year.  


If you have ever been told that you have “weak glutes” or “glute amnesia”, suffered from achilles tendinopathy, or a bone stress injury from running then you will want to hear what I learned at...

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[Download] The Ultimate Guide to Running WITHOUT Shin Splints


Do your shins hurt whenever you start to run consistently or whenever you start a marathon training cycle?...


Are you a runner who’s been frustrated in the past that whenever you try to run faster or increase your distance you get injured, frustrated, and you’re not able to run?


You may...

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Want to know what all that trail running lingo means?  If you have ever wanted to know what buffed out single track, yoyo, lollipop, FKT, VK, dirt nap, LSD, or golden ticket were then this is the episode for you!


In this episode, my friend Kim Sankey who is a fellow running physio and podcaster of the Inspired Soles podcast provides clarity on trail running terms you should know!


We delve ...

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February 23, 2024 78 mins

[Download] Marathon Training Blueprint Are you ready to become a downhill running pro? 


In this episode, coach Lufeng Zou  from our Spark Healthy Runner coaching team will reveal expert techniques and tips to help you master the art of running downhill!


This training ​​will be the ultimate guide to mastering the exhilarating technique of running downhill. In this informative conversation, ...

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February 15, 2024 66 mins

Run Walk Run with a true legend and inspiration…Jeff Galloway!


Before Jeff Galloway became a world class coach, and Official Training Consultant for runDisney, he was a world class distance runner, who represented the US in the Munich Olympics, The World Cross Country Championships, and many international events—teaming up with Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter, Steve Prefontaine, Bill Rodgers, and his...

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[Download] How to Start Running Blueprint

If I started running today, I’d do this!  In this episode, I share my key 3 running tips I wish someone told me earlier in my running journey.


Whether you’re a beginner runner or an experienced runner, mastering these 3 foundational principles will unlock faster and healthier running for lifelong injury free running!


Get the full dee...

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[Download] How to Start Running Blueprint


Want to know what all that running lingo means?  If you have ever wanted to know what cadence, zones, quality run, BQ + buffer, net downhill, or 6-star finisher were then this is the episode for you!


In this episode, my friend Carolyn Coffin who is a fellow running physio, coach and podcaster of the Inspired Soles podcast provides clarity on the ...

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Get ready to experience better stability which means better running for your next training goal!


Dr. Emily Splichal is a podiatrist, human movement specialist, and the mind behind one of our valued partners here at Healthy Runner, Naboso!

Dr. Emily and I chat about how to improve your single leg stability for running with her new product the kinesis board!   We answer the following questions...

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Have you been struggling with nagging injuries such as knee pain or plantar fasciitis and you thought you would never run pain free again?  Do you feel so lethargic and tired because you are not getting in the proper amount of nutrition to fuel all your exercise and running?  

Those were the things Rachel was struggling with prior to getting guidance with myself as her running Physical Therapist/coach and ...

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I came, I saw, and I conquered the Dopey Challenge in Disney!  I still am in shock of what an amazingly magical experience this was!  If you would have told me that I would run 48.6 miles in 4 days and run a half marathon the day before a marathon and in that marathon, I would run a sub 3 hour and 45-minute marathon (coming within 4 minutes of my Marathon PR), I would have told you that you were crazy or in this case...


[DOWNLOAD] Marathon Blueprint


Wondering if running a marathon is something you should strive for in 2024?  Join us as we analyze the potential benefits, challenges, and considerations to help you make an informed decision. Running a marathon is a significant commitment that requires dedication, discipline, and training. With the new year here, many runners  are contemplating whether they should take pa...

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[DOWNLOAD] How to Start Running Blueprint


If you're looking to start running but don’t know where to begin, you've come to the right place! Running is a fantastic way to boost your fitness, improve your mental well-being, and enjoy the great outdoors.


If you're looking to kickstart your running journey, coach Cat from our Spark Healthy Runner team will provide you 6 easy ste...

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No race, no problem!  Have you struggled with getting out the door consistently or staying motivated to run when you don’t have a race to train for? 


Do you want to end the start-stop cycle of running so it’s not so hard to build back up and regain your fitness again?  Want to conquer run-life balance and not stress about running so it is a part of your lifestyle?

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Run on a treadmill without being bored with this follow along episode!  


In this invigorating session, our treadmill instructor coach Cat from our Spark Healthy Runner team will guide you through a high-energy routine that is specifically designed to help you get in a run even if you have to do it on a treadmill!  Get ready to get some mental clearing miles in and actually enjoy running on a treadmill in...

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Looking to start running on a treadmill? Look no further! Our treadmill instructor coach Cat from our Spark Healthy Runner team will  provide expert tips with everything you need to know to make sure you confidently navigate the world of treadmill workouts.  


From understanding the different treadmill features to learning proper safety tips, we've got you covered.


Whether you're a season...

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