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March 2, 2023 73 mins

Don’t you worry. We’re highlighting the women of Celtic music for St Patrick's Day once again on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #595.

Arise & Go, Sharon Shannon, Chambless, Taylor And Muse, Altan, Mary Beth Carty, Amelia Hogan, Fire In The Glen, Kellswater Bridge, Heather Dale, Shelli Le Fay, Emerald Accent, Lisa Schettner, Emma Langford, The Breath


This is our way of finding the best songs and artists each year. You can vote for as many songs and tunes that inspire you in each episode. Your vote helps me create next year's Best Celtic music of 2023 episode.  Vote Now!

Two weeks after the episode is launched, I compile your votes to update a playlist on Spotify and YouTube. These are the results of your voting. You can help these artists out by following the playlists and adding tracks you love to your playlists. Follow us on Facebook to find out who is added each week.

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0:02 - Intro: Heather Dale at GaFilk

0:17 - Arise & Go "Sheepskin and Beeswax, Le Voyageur, Roddy McDonald's Fancy" from Arise & Go -  EP

Ellie Goud: fiddle

4:17 - WELCOME

5:42 - Sharon Shannon “The Ivory and the Quill” from Each Little Thing

8:23 - Chambless, Taylor And Muse "Jack Haggerty" from Live At Ntif

Jil Chambless: flute and vocals

11:37 - Altan "Fermanagh Highland" from The First Ten Years: 1986 - 1995
MAIRÉAD NÍ MHAONAIGH: vocals, fiddle

15:38 - Mary Beth Carty "Mo Mhàthair" from Crossing the Causeway

Mo Mhàthair Pronunciation: Moh wah - her

Mary Beth Carty: Accordionist, guitarist, vocals

19:41 - FEEDBACK

22:14 - Amelia Hogan "Red Winged Blackbird" from Taking Flight

26:28 - Fire In The Glen "Whup Jamboree" from Cutting Bracken

Amanda Wells: vocals, guitar, percussion

30:04 - Kellswater Bridge "The Wife of Usher's Well" from As The Story Goes

Mare Edstrom (lead vocals, Celtic Flute, Keyboards, and Bodhran),

Tracy Moraine (Vocals and Percussion).


Heather Dale calls her music “Celtic music for Modern Dreamers.” Her original music explores world legends and folklore. She finds contemporary themes within old material, and fuses folk traditions with blues, jazz, and world music influences. Heather’s rich vocals are paired with more than a dozen folk instruments in her live performances with multi - instrumentalist Ben Deschamps.

Today, she’s gonna share the Irish story of the hero Oisin who falls in love with the fairy queen. But he’s stuck in the past. He returns with tragic results.

34:48 - Heather Dale "Adrift" from The Road to Santiago

A few weeks back, I shared Heather’s song “Mordred’s Lullaby”. Patrons of the podcast can listen to that story this week on the Patreon feed.

41:06 - THANKS

47:03 - Shelli Le Fay "False Spring" from Feral Heart

49:09 - Emerald Accent "Toss the Feathers / Oak Tree / Foxhunters" from The Oats Field

Allison Talley (Low and high whistle, flute, keyboard, vocals),

Alexis Frenette (fiddle, vocals),

Temperance Babcock (fiddle, vocals).

53:49 - Lisa Schettner "Snowing Light" from Single

59:32 - Emma Langford "6 Foot 4" from Quiet Giant

1:03:53 - CLOSING

1:06:33 - The Breath "No You Keep It (Acoustic)" from Only Stories (Let the Cards Fall Revisited)

Ríoghnach Connolly (ree - a - na): flute and vocals

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