JB's Sports Jam

JB's Sports Jam


NCAA basketball scandal, Deshaun Watson gift, Protest follow-up, Dirty hit in Thursday night game, Carson Wentz bet.

September 29, 201727 min

27 min

September 26, 201737 min

37 min
Recap Rams and Niners, Stanos and Chargers in trouble, Quick Hits, Hernandez with stage 3 CTE, Netting for MLB

September 22, 201739 min

39 min
New England goes down, Chiefs lose Eric Berry for the season, what bets to take in the NFL and College this week and racist letter sent to Kevin Sumlin home.

September 8, 201729 min

29 min
UCLA QB Josh Rosen comments, Kaepernick Petition, Cutler signs with the Dolphins, Tiger Woods plea deal, 50 greatest black athletes

August 9, 201735 min

35 min
James vs. Jordan, Celtics should keep Thomas? Indy Pole winner Scott Dixon goes to Taco Bell and gets unwanted surprise.

May 23, 201735 min

35 min
Why the NBA Playoffs stink, “Pop” Goes the Weasel, Kapernick Blackballed, The John Daly Diet

May 16, 201731 min

31 min
Boston most racist sports city in America? Spurs lose Parker. Likes and Don’t likes of the draft. Mets lose Noah Syndergaard after turning down an MRI

May 4, 201728 min

28 min
Cole Thompson from Draftwire to Recap NFL first round, Chicago Bears go all in, Kansas City makes a move and Texans get their man? No deal for Lonzo Ball

April 28, 201742 min

42 min
2017 NFL Draft, NBA playoffs and Joe Johnson does it again, Steve Kerr takes leave, NHL 2nd round playoffs get started

April 26, 201725 min

25 min

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