Livin Lively with Laine

Livin Lively with Laine

Laine Lawson Craft delivers hope, sound spiritual solutions, and applications that help us turn our hurts to healing. No one gets through this life without being hurt. However, far too many of us are not enjoying life because of broken hearts and shattered dreams. No matter what hurts we may be facing or the trauma that we may have experienced, you can find hope here. You will love this power-packed podcast, as the episodes shine a light on people who have turned their tremendous hurts to find triumphant healings. Everyone is invited to join the conversation. Connect and discover, despite the hurts and tragedies that you have faced, learn how healing is possible so that we can enjoy today and own tomorrow together.


May 23, 2022 21 mins

Have you had cancer or does anyone you love suffer from cancer? Today, Ginny Brant shares her powerful healing story and ways that we can prevent and survive cancer starting today!

Ginny shares, "I was on a mission to not get cancer because there was so much of it in my family. And it was four months after my mother died of breast cancer that providentially, as my sister would say, I found a lump in my breast. I had just done the C...

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Our world is so busy! 

We can't have the peace of God in the craziness.

Can we have victory over anxiety? Can you overcome panic attacks? 

Christy Boulware was so successful at 25 years old, but in 2011 she had her first panic attack. Her life snowballed from there- paralys...

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What do you do when a door closes? 

When your dreams die? 

Amy Joob went from triathlete to model, then to an author. 

Join Amy as she shares how she was made "new" after her dreams crashed. She went from triathlete to being a successful model.

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Many times our tweens, teens, and young adults suffer from anxiety. Sometimes we don't know what to do. Caris Snider, an anxiety survivor herself, has written all about anxiety and now for girl and boy tweens too!

Tweens are around the age of 8 years old to 12 years old.

Older teens and young adults who face anxiet...

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God, are you with me in my struggle? That is what Misty Phillip asked God. Now she shares her experiences in today's Livin' Lively with Laine Podcast.


I experienced many struggles from an early age. And then I thought when I became a believer that somehow life would be so much more amazing and that I wouldn't have struggles. And anybody who reads the Bib...

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Do You Want to Know Your Spouse Better?

In today’s Livin’ Lively with Laine Podcast we will answer this question, “Do you want to know your spouse better?” I sure wish I could’ve known what I know now to get along better with my husband.

We were at odds for way too many years. We literally lived on opposite ends of the house for several years.

It was very sad and a lot of it was that we misunderstood one another.

When my marriage w...

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February 28, 2022 19 mins

Let's have some fun and see how God moves in ways we never knew He could! Today we learn that God talked through a donkey! That's right- a donkey.

Have you ever heard that this was in the Bible? I had never heard it!

Here is the scripture reference:

Numbers 22: 26-31

Then the angel of the Lord moved on ahead and stood in a narrow place where there was no room to turn, either to the right or to the left. 27 When the donkey saw the a...

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Join Tricia Roos and Laine as they share on when wishes change. Tricia shares her story of going against the advice of medical experts, and she carried full term a child she was warned would die at birth or before.

The child in her grew and eventually, she held and loved the daughter who wasn’t supposed to live. In six days of a brief and remarkable life, Annabelle Roos rewrote the medical chapter on a chromosomal condition called...

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Join Erica Wiggenhorn and Laine as they share feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Also, they share how we can break free from the performance prison we as women can sometimes find ourselves in.

It's easy to feel like things fall into place so easily for others while you're striving hard to keep life from falling apart. In a world where "never enough" is the norm, what do you do with those feelings of inadequacy? Do you strive mo...

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We are sharing with Susan Tuttle, a mom of three, wife, and author. Susan let's start with that you homeschool three kids. A lot of people have been forced to homeschool. So I just want to hop through the screen for that. 


Book: Never Too Late

Laine invites you to personalize your healing with her new Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal the companion to the Best-Selling book, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow. Also,...

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Join Laine with Terri as they help guide you on how to make your dreams come true in 2022!




Insta: @terrisavellefoy

Laine invites you to personalize your healing with her new Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal the companion to the Best-Selling book, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow. Also, find products that will help to...

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Join Laine and Ingrid Faro as they share how Ingrid's husband committed suicide and her healing journey.

Also, find some heart-felt suggestions from Ingrid on dealing with loss during the holiday season.

Laine invites you to personalize your healing with her new Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal the companion to the Best-Selling book, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow. Also, find products that will help to inspire and encourage your daily ...

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I can't believe it has been exactly 14 years since God took me from the business world as an entrepreneur to creating a community for women who would encourage, inspire, and ignite one another, building life-long friendships!

It all started when God rescued me from religion. God took me from a Christian woman living in Hell to a woman who was willing to share all of my struggles so that others could find healing...

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As moms, we have the joys of smiles and kisses as well as laughter shared and the excitement of watching little ones grow. The Ah-ha moments when a child grasps a new concept is a wonder to treasure. We also share struggles when things go wrong and unexpected problems arise. That’s when other moms bring comfort and help us know we are not alone and not the only ones who struggle.

We are moms forever whether our child is on this sid...

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What do you consider the greatest challenge among parents and their teenagers/young adults today? 

Join the conversation today with Patti Pilkington Reed an author, Conversational Intelligence®️ coach, and a business leader who affirms it is our inability to get face-to-face with our kids and have meaningful conversations; listening to what is really going on in their hearts and lives. She helps us to discover how taking time to sl...

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Come find your Breakthrough Today with Barb Roose.

Her book, Finding freedom in Christ is based on Galatians and has amazing truths you can uncover for your life.

Barb Roose


Breakthrough: Find Freedom in Christ- A Study in Galatians

Laine invites you to personalize your healing with her new Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal the companion to the Best-Selling book, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow. Also, find product...

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Do you have sibling relationships that are strained or Do you have other difficult relationships?

Listen today on how you can deal with them. Find out how you can find common ground.

You will find ways to forgive, reconcile, and see God’s goodness. Discover keys to peace, practices to peace, and what peace looks like.

How do we handle differences? Find out today!

Amberly Neese


FB- @amberlycomedian

Insta: ...

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Join the conversation on how we can help our children with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Have you heard your kids say-

“I’m such a failure.”

“No one cares about me.”

“I haven’t felt happy for a long time.”

“I don’t want to live anymore.”

If you have heard your child utter these words, your fear for their well-being has skyrocketed. B...

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Listen in as Randy shares on how his marriage was suffering from infidelity and how God restored it!

God is able is to do what seems impossible to us!

Discover how to take the broken pieces of your marriage to God and find a healed marriage!

30 Days of Hope for Hurting Marriages offers married couples validation for the struggles they face. Filled with honest reflections from their own marriage and near divorce, each devotion conta...

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August 1, 2021 31 mins

In this Episode: Jodie Niznik, author of Crossroads: A Study of Esther and Jonah for Boldly Responding to Your Call (Real People, Real Faith), shares how to live out God’s purpose in our lives and how to discover it! Find your divine assignments today!

In this podcast, you will find the answer to, "What is my purpose and God's design for my life?"

Jodie Nizinik website: JodieNizn...

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