Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion


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Losing Our Religion is a candid, comedic, sometimes serious look at what life is like after institutional spirituality. These conversations are crafted with love, recorded over shared drinks with friends, neighbors, doubters, and believers. Where people sit down together to have candid exchange while sharing life together without the walls that religion and discriminating ideologies create. Inspiration and hilarity during your daily commute, while you workout, with friends or alone. You can make it into a drinking game if you want. Just take a word from that specific episode title and chug when you hear that word said! Losing Our Religion is a hilarious and candid look at religion and culture, with former pastor, now commune living lover of sinners, Zac Gandara. As he has drinks with other former religious, excommunicated pastors, LGBTQ, artists, poets, anarchists, atheists, punk rock singers, and those considered rejects or recovering religious people.... Show More

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