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The Rich Life presents, The Millionaire Mindcast podcast, a show that focuses on 4 important pillars that lead to unlocking a more rich and fulfilling life; Relationships, Investments, Community, and Health. Im Matt Aitchison - a multi 7-figure real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker and educator, a Fan of Ed Mylett, Andy Frisella, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone, and Tim Ferris!. Every week I interview badass millionaires, billionaires, and elite achievers who are “Whole Life Millionaires” by taking their wealth far beyond what dollars can buy. Join me each week for new insights on how to level up in these areas of your life as you march toward that million dollar milestone. It’s time to define what RICH means to you, make your money matter, and live life on your terms. It's time to unleash your millionaire within.... Show More

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a great guest, Nick Raithel who talks about his cool entrepreneurial journey of building great wealth, adding value to people, and shares amazing tips on creating and marketing your book that will create more opportunities in your business!

Nick Raithel is an entrepreneur, an expert in the book writing process, and the founder of 7-Hour Book, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to take the money-mental tasks of creating a book, and building their authority and credibility by publishing their own book in just seven hours.

Nick’s journey begins at a yard sale when he was 9 years old. Currently, Nick and his team create value and opportunity for individuals, giving them a vehicle to getting their content package scalable where they can monetize, add value to other people, and add to their brand recognition to create more opportunities. Their content writing services will be able to get companies and businesses on the top, as it combines effective marketing strategies and the call-to-action context.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did all your entrepreneurial endeavors begin? (00:40)
  • When did you realize that you’re creating a real business? What was that business? (02:28)
  • What’s been your business model that you’ve been able to unlock the freedom and generate wealth, create real opportunity, and value in your space (04:28)
  • Who should be thinking about writing a book? (06:11)
  • Why do you still believe writing a book is such a powerful tool for someone’s brand and to building their business? (08:02)
  • Let’s talk about The 7- Hour book process, what does that look like? (10:46)
  • What have been some of the greatest doors or success stories of people who have written a book unlocking because of that book? (12:48)
  • What is the time that goes into working a book with your team versus doing the book by them alone? (14:38)
  • Does your team also help marketing a book? (17:50)
  • What’s your thought about Self-publishing versus going with a major publisher? Who is the right fit might be for? (22:37)
  • In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The 'Thud Factor' of having a book and its advantages. (08:20)
  • Effective ways of assembling ideas out of the person’s head to a book. (11:02)
  • Tips on Marketing a book (19:50)
  • Quotes:

  • “A book makes the most sense.”
  • “A book really is a business card that essentially you can’t throw away.”
  • “Marketing is just as important I would say as actually creating a book.”
  • Resources Mentioned:

    Losing My Virginity book by Richard Branson

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