Money Mantra

Money Mantra


Episode 19 - John Williams

October 2, 201732 min

32 min
Episode 18 Rachel Horton White founder of Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting

September 25, 201730 min

30 min
Episode 17 - Sarah Rogers founder of Profolio

September 18, 201722 min

22 min
Episode 16 - RIP

September 11, 201739 min

39 min
Labor day bonus with Baird Hall

September 4, 201724 min

24 min
Episode 15 - Omar Sanchez

August 28, 201727 min

27 min
Money mantra episode 14 - Raven Mardirosian

August 21, 201722 min

22 min
Ep. 13 Michelle Lewis

August 13, 201728 min

28 min
Ep. 12 Jason Hamilton

August 7, 201731 min

31 min
Episode 11 - Augsute Crenshaw

July 31, 201731 min

31 min

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Money Mantra is a weekly podcast about money and mental health where host Cesar "V!sual" Zamudio interviews a diverse range of guest including entrepreneurs, actors, artist, yoga instructors, life coaches and much more. Each episode details the different streams of revenue for each guest, their worst financial moment, a recent action towards personal development, plus more. Each episode ends with guest sharing their strengths and weakness with money and personal mindset, resources that help them with their goals, plus a few more including what they would do or may have already done with their first million dollars!... Show More

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