Monstrosity is a podcast hosted by Los Angeles comedian and paranormal enthusiast David Race. Each episode features David Race and celebrity guests discussing Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, and other creatures, with a paranormal expert. You don't want to miss an episode of Monstrosity, because when David Race and his guests get together, the outcome is always "scary funny".


May 20, 2024 59 mins

Nicole Eggert from "Baywatch" & "Charles in Charge" - Live in Studio!

"Monstrosity with David Race" gets an in studio visit from Nicole Eggert (of "Baywatch" and "Charles in Charge". 

We find out why Nicole is nude on a famous band's album cover, how she got along with Pamela Anderson, and her ice cream truck. Then she plays a fun game of "Did a Bigfoot Do It?"

In the second half of the episode David Race and Nicole are joined by K...

Mark as Played

Jan Brady and aliens. Together. As it should be!

On this episode of "Monstrosity with David Race" Jennifer Elsie Cox, who was incredible as "Jan Brady" in the "Brady Bunch" movies - checks in. She's fun, has some deep thoughts on aliens, and says "Monstrosity" is the best podcast she's ever heard (FYI - we agree). 

Then we speak with Craig Campobasso. Craig is a Hollywood casting director, who happens to also be a widely published ...

Mark as Played

Good-looking episode of Monstrosity with BOTH Kelly Hu and Katrina Weidman!

First up is actress and model Kelly Hu, who discusses her beauty pageant wins, starring roles in "The Scorpion King" and "X2", and plays a great game of "Hu What Wear"! 

Then a return appearance from ghost hunting's only sex symbol, Katrina Weidman from TV's "Portals to Hell" and "Paranormal Lockdown". 

Don't miss any episodes of "Monstrosity with David Rac...

Mark as Played

Former "Jefferson Starship" (and current "Starship") Lead Singer Mickey Thomas, Visits Monstrosity! 

Rock legend Mickey Thomas has incredible stories about the fighting inside Jefferson Starship and Starship, the writing and recording of some of classic rocks most famous songs, and UFO's!

Then Matt Moneymaker from "Finding Bigfoot" makes his 3rd appearance on "Monstrosity with David Race", to make a big Bigfoot announcement.

Don't ...

Mark as Played

Stunning Kristanna Loken - "T-X" from "Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines" makes an in-studio appearance!

Kristanna has a lengthy discussion with host David Race about her career and life, and then plays a robust game of "Wheel of Monsters".

Midway through the episode Monstrosity announces its first ever listener contest! In short, the listener who shares this episode with the most people by 7/15/23 wins the prize. Listen to the e...

Mark as Played

Rock Icon Jon Anderson - Lead singer of YES - Visits Monstrosity!

Jon Anderson stops to talk with David Race on "Monstrosity". The conversation ranges from YES albums and songs - to aliens who visited Jon backstage at a concert! 

Then David Race has a detailed conversation about paranormal technology with Gary Galka, the tech wizard behind all the spirit communications heard on the TV show "Ghost Adventures".

Never miss an episode ...

Mark as Played

Natasha Henstridge from "Species" Comes in Live!

This episode of "Monstrosity with David Race" features and in-studio visit from model and actress Natasha Henstridge, from the movie "Species". 

Natasha has great stories about her career, and then (because she's Canadian) is lured into playing a game of "Hockey Play or Monster"!

Then David and Natasha check in with accomplished paranormal investigator David Weatherly, from "Ancient ...

Mark as Played

"Tabitha" from the classic TV show "Bewitched" meets an actual witch, on this extraordinary episode!

This episode of "Monstrosity with David Race" starts with an in-studio visit from actress Erin Murphy, who played "Tabitha" the adorable daughter of Samantha, on "Bewitched". After some fun and interesting conversation, David springs the surprise, and lets Erin know that they're about to be joined by Courtney Weber, an actual witch!


Mark as Played

Actor Saul Rubinek has been in every movie and TV show released since 1986. 

Actor Saul Rubinek discusses his roles in "Against All Odds", "Wall Street", "Bonfire of the Vanities", "True Romance", "Unforgiven", "Warehouse 13", "Frasier", "Curb your Enthusiasm", and more. We get inside stories about Clint Eastwood, Larry David, and others. Saul also spent time in a haunted house.

Then we speak to returning guest, Dr. Michael Masters...

Mark as Played

Olivia D'Abo from TV's "The Wonder Years" and movie "Conan the Destroyer" - Live in Studio!

Actress Olivia D'Abo stops in for a live in studio visit on this episode of "Monstrosity with David Race". A perfect balance of fascinating interview and hilarity ensue.

Then David Race and Olivia D'Abo are joined by TV host and ghost researcher Jeff Belanger.

Don't miss this amazing and entertaining episode of Monstrosity... And to make sur...

Mark as Played

"Murr" from TV's "Impractical Jokers" on "Monstrosity with David Race"...

James Murray (better known as "Murr") from TV's "Impractical Jokers" drops in, to discuss televised prostate exams, unnecessary Dracula's, and his new UFO themed children's book.
This is a fantastic interview!

Later, the BFRO investigator that actually investigated the Bigfoot incident of "Monstrosity" host David Race, comes on the show to go over that event.


Mark as Played

TV and movie icon Adrian Zmed is on this episode of "Monstrosity with David Race"...

Adrian's got incredible stories about William Shatner, Heather Locklear, Tom Hanks, Michelle Pfeiffer, and a ghost that visited Adrian while he was performing on stage!

Then paranormal medium Stephanie Burke from TV's "Ghost Hunters" and "Kindred Spirits" pops in, with interesting insights from the world of "medium'ing".

This is a not to miss episo...

Mark as Played

Iconic actress Mackenzie Phillips (from TV's "One Day at a Time"), talks about her childhood hangouts with rock stars, sex with Mick Jagger, and being haunted by a famous TV mom!

Next up is an interesting interview with Lyle Blackburn, who's spent years hunting for Bigfoot, and other even more left of center creatures, around the south and mid-west of the U.S.

As usual, the episode is funny, compelling, fascinating, and informative...

Mark as Played

Jodie Sweetin from "Full House" Answering Unusual Questions!  

This amazing episode of "Monstrosity with David Race" starts with Jodie Sweetin from ABC-TV's "Full House" (and Netfix "Fuller House"), answering questions you'll be amazed she answered. From weird things about co-stars lives, and even their anatomy's... To which paranormal creature she would marry. It's shocking, and funny.

Then we have an incredible interview with Maj...

Mark as Played

The TV Icons Keep Rolling In!

On this episode of "Monstrosity with David Race" we've got actor Richard Kline, who played the legendary character "Larry Dallas", on TV's "Three's Company".

Richard tells us great behind the scenes stories about "Three's Company"... And then gets a special phone call from beyond...

Then we speak to Matt Moneymaker from "Finding Bigfoot, who makes his 2nd appearance on Monstrosity.

An hour long, expans...

Mark as Played

Another legendary rock star visits,
as we get a check in from Steve Lukather of "Toto"!

"Luke" is not just a legendary guitarist, producer, and founding member of Toto... But he's been a long term member of "Ringo Starr's All Star Band", is the main guitarist on Michael Jackson's "Beat it", and albums by Lionel Ritchie, Chicago, Aretha Franklin, Warren Zevon, and many more.

Later on, we speak with Dr. Bill Bi...

Mark as Played has had an amazing streak of pulling in iconic celebrities to appear on the show. That streak continues on this episode, with an appearance by Burt Ward the original "Robin" from the hit Batman TV series - where he co-starred with Adam West!

As usual Monstrosity host David Race gets never before answered questions asked of the guest - Burt Ward. You don't want to miss this!

Later we speak with Bigfoot researc...

Mark as Played

Long time listeners of know that one of David Race's favorite things, is to have his childhood crushes on the show. Well, we strike gold again, with an appearance by 1980's sex symbol, Audrey Landers (best know as Afton Cooper on the hit CBS  show "Dallas"). Audrey and David talk about her career, about people confusing her with her beautiful sister (actress Judy Landers), and the paranormal.   

Then we speak...

Mark as Played

Episode 15 of Monstrosity with David Race is here with Alan Hunter (one of the 5 original MTV VJ's), and Doug Hajicek (Producer of the TV series "MonsterQuest", and frequent paranormal experiencer).

First up is Alan Hunter from MTV. David Race and Alan have a great conversation about the inside of early MTV, and then play a monster music game called "Each Question Has a Classic Rock Related Answer - But is also a Paranormal Questio...

Mark as Played

Episode 14 of Monstrosity with David Race is here with Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman (from "Land of the Lost"), and Katrina Weidman (from Travel Channel)!

First up, Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman talk about playing brothers and sister pair "Will and Holly", on the classic Sid and Marty Krofft 70's sci-fi/paranormal show, "Land of the Lost".
David surprises them, with a special guest from their past...

Later, David welcomes Katrina W...

Mark as Played

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