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Attack of the Winona Songs!

April 22, 2018138 min
Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 51 This week we are joined by Jonathon Mitchell from Nellie Pearl as we put together our own soundtrack of songs from many Winona Ryder-related projects. Including many live versions of songs from the recent Winona Ryd or Die event (coordinated by Heather and FEVA) as well as adding our own assortment of prerequisites and deep cuts from Winona’s career. And as we try to figure out where all the stickiness came from, we also mention..., they had some grit, you’re not fluent in Portuguese, the tequila was not nearly the most intoxicating thing going on with me that night, In Your Face TV, check out the first two albums, somebody described it as an implosion, unhinged-ness, I lumbered through the crowd to the front door… and just right out into the street in the rain… and I just took off running down the middle of the street, rock star attitude, people that fell in love with her I think it also was because she was such an oddball, from Petula Clark to Ratt, peace love and stickiness, she was weird… and she didn’t fit the normal cookie cutter thing that girls that were getting lead roles at that time were kind of falling into, I think a lot of people were very surprised that I could be an adult, helping people in need, The B-52’s, personal issues, a comeback, I jumped too high… too drunk, latching onto whatever your thing is… even if it’s not of your era, self-murder is not cool, who puts up big bulb glass Christmas lights and we all deserve pizza. “She was sort of like, not just girl next door type… but like, weird girl that lives down the street. She was just kind of a little odd, but yet still adorable and you had to love her.”  For more on Nellie Pearl, go to: For more on the Fair Event Vendors Alliance, go to:

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