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MTT039| Empatico, Connecting Classrooms Around The World - Wendy Turner

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Empatico gives teachers and students the tools they need to explore the world through experiences that spark curiosity, kindness, and empathy.  Empatico combines live video with activities designed to foster meaningful connections.

Wendy Turner teaches 2nd grade at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School in Wilmington, Delaware in the USA. She is passionate about connecting learning in the classroom to the real world in all areas of study.  Deeply committed to social-emotional learning, she guides her students to embody respect, empathy, resilience, citizenship, and growth mindset through dynamic classroom experiences. She advocates for educating the whole child, trauma invested learning environments, equitable school breakfast practices and is committed to high quality science and STEM education. An associate with Education Hall, she provides professional development and training on social emotional learning and trauma invested learning environments.

Wendy was named a Compassion Champion by the Governor’s office in 2019. She is the 2017 Delaware Teacher of the Year, a 2016 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Teaching Science, and a 3 time Empatico Empathy Project Fellow. She is also a 2018 NEA Foundation Excellence in Education Award Recipient, a 2019 NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow and a No Kid Hungry School Breakfast Fellow, Wendy is a regular contributor to education blogs and positive conversations about education on Twitter. 

Contact: Wendy Turner

Twitter: @mswendymturner

Wendy Turner’s Delaware Teacher of the Year 2017 Facebook Page


Items mentioned in Episode 39:

Global Goals

Rubber Bracelets

Daniel Lubetsky NEA Foundation talk

Rita Pierson TED Talk

Fostering Resilient Learners by Kristin Souers and Pete Hall


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