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May 16, 2024 23 mins
Hello and welcome to another edition of Ohio Mysteries: Backroads. In today's episode, we discuss the trailblazing, firebrand owner of the Cleveland Indians Baseball team. This charismatic owner saw many changes to the game of baseball making it a fan friendly game for the first time. Bill Veeck would stop at nothing to draw the fans and no promotion seemed too crazy. While frequently at odds with the baseball establishment, his radical ideas and promotions resonated with fans. Despite losing a leg fighting in World War 2, Bill continued on with the energy and fire of a man half his age. Join us an learn more about this promotional genius who would lead the Cleveland Indians to win their last title for Cleveland back in 1948. We have a Facebook Page! Learn more about our episodes and what's coming up next! Check out other podcast episodes like this at: Mike hosts a Facebook page called "Too Late for Autographs" and explores people and their stories with Ohio ties that have passed away: Dan hosts a Youtube Channel called: Ohio History and Haunts where he explores historical and dark places around Ohio: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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