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June 13, 2024 30 mins
Hello and welcome to another episode of Ohio Mysteries: Backroads. In this episode we travel back in time to 1910 and explore a record breaking flight by pioneer aviator Glenn Curtiss. He flew from Euclid Beach to Cedar Point beach, 60 miles away. Curtiss would break the world's record in the process with over 100,00 people witnessing this flight which broke the world's record set the previous year by Louis Bleriot when he crossed the English Channel. 68 years later this flight would be recreated by Chuck Slusarczky when he attempted the same flight only in an ultralight aircraft with a much different outcome. Check out our Facebook page!:¬if_id=1717202186351620¬if_t=page_user_activity&ref=notif Please check other podcast episodes like this at: Mike hosts a Facebook page called "Too Late for Autographs" and explores people and their stories with Ohio ties that have passed away: Dan hosts a Youtube Channel called: Ohio History and Haunts where he explores historical and dark places around Ohio: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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