Permission to Offend with Rachel Luna

Permission to Offend with Rachel Luna

Join Certified Master Neuroscience Coach, Award-winning and #1 Best Selling Author, Rachel Luna each week as she invites you to go on a journey of self-discovery, mastery and legacy building. If you like learning about business, money, brain, and faith, then this is the show for you! Eavesdrop as Rachel has real, raw + honest conversations with people of all levels who share how giving themselves permission to offend has radically shifted their lives for the better. If you're ready to live unfiltered & unafraid, then this show is for you! New episodes drop every Tuesday and Thursday. Connect on Instagram @girlconfident Visit for show notes and free resources!


March 5, 2024 30 mins

In this candid chat, I'm breaking down the importance of knowing your identity - your core values and beliefs that inform your decisions.

I share vulnerable stories of times I had to check in with my values when opportunities came my way that didn't align. Even when the money was tempting, I had to ask myself - is this in integrity with who I a...

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In this episode I spill the beans on the big vision I'm building and the core principles guiding me. If you're feeling the pressure of perfectionism in your content creation, striving for the perfect microphone, the perfect sound, the perfect background, and the perfect feed, then you are not alone!

Striving for perfection can delay your progress, slow down your impact, and compromise the legacy you want...

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Does this sound familiar? You've been told to believe bigger, but it's not working out as you hoped, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated. I got you!

In today's episode I'm going to give you a powerful framework and 5 solid, practical, tactical steps you can take TODAY to start believing better so you can believe bigger! 


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If you're feeling the sting of rejection or the weight of self-doubt holding you back from achieving your dreams, then you are not alone! Imagine being on the verge of realizing your lifelong dream, yet feeling unworthy of it. Picture the agony of harboring self-doubt despite outward success. Now, envision the power of overcoming rejection with...

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Hey there, high achiever! Have you heard these common myths about success in 2024?

First, the need for perfect, detailed ten-year plans.

Second, the pressure to have it all figured out by January.

And third, the belief that consistency means perfection.

I'm about to uncover the truth behind these myths, but first, let's dive into why February m...

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Have you heard these myths about getting predictable milestones, manifestations, and miracles? Myth 1: You need to have extraordinary talent or luck. Myth 2: You need to work harder and sacrifice more. Myth 3: You need to wait for the perfect timing.

Today's episode will reveal the truths that will change everything...

In this episode, you w...

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September 27, 2023 19 mins

The Blessing of Finishing 

Are you a fast starter, slow finisher like me? If so, no worries friend, I’ve got you covered!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the pivotal role of accomplishing tasks and projects to heighten productivity and promote personal contentment.

  • Unearth the value in overcoming challenges and failures, and how the reward can often be fou...

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If you're feeling trapped in a perpetual cycle of self-criticism and never-ending dissatisfaction with your achievements, then you are not alone! Despite your relentless efforts to achieve perfection, you may find yourself constantly falling short of your own impossibly high standards. The countless hours spent meticulously planning and executing every detail often leave you feeling drained and unfulfilled, questioning whethe...

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Join me on the Permission to Offend podcast as I share my personal journey of embracing divine timing and having faith in my vision.

Just when I thought everything was falling into place, a shocking twist leaves me questioning everything. Tune in to find out what happens next, and be prepared for a cliffhanger you won't see coming.

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Is rejection really redirection? Discover the shocking truth as Rachel Luna reads the receipts and shares her personal journey of having a keynote invitation rescinded.

But what happens when rejection strikes again, leaving her in a difficult situation? Find out how she navigat...

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Another BONUS episode for our Gap Season!

Listen as Rachel Luna shares her revelation around clarity, visions and prayers. 

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • The stories Rachel has been telling herself for more than a decade.
  • The difference between stories and facts.

  • A breakthrough moment around visions and clarity.
  • Praying the wrong prayers 
  • The fear of rejection inducing actions
  • and MORE!



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I received a DM on Instagram (follow me @GirlConfident if you aren't already) from a young lady who found herself in quite the dilemma.
For the record my DM's are not open for free coaching. But since I was already thinking about having a segment on the podcast where people can submit questions for me to answer on the show, I wrote her ba...
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    In this episode we cover:

    • ADHD symptoms
    • How I was completely misdiagnosed
    • A Neuroscience Strategy that helps me be ...
    Mark as Played
    It's Real Talk Tuesday and that means another bonus episode of Permission to Offend Podcast is available now.
    If you've been searching for answers from God but haven't gotten them, then this episode is for you.
    In this episode:
    Mark as Played

    This was supposed to be the premiere of the new season, but as you'll hear in this episode, I simply couldn't abandon my values for the sake of keeping the timeline.

    Instead, this is the first of a series of audio-only episodes I'm releasing as part of the "Gap Season" of Permission to Offend.

    In this short episode we talk about:

    • Imperfect Excellence
    • Doing the Work
    • Honoring Your Values
    • Keeping Your Word
    • Deeply + Completely Lo...
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    There's a MAJOR difference between being visible and actually being seen

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    • Embrace the freedom of owning your presence in the world.

    • Discover the profound distinction b...

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    In this bonus, unplanned episode, Rachel Luna invites you to eavesdrop as she processes her thoughts around faith, fear, accountability and responsibility of living out your dreams.

    3 Reasons to Listen to This Episode:

    • Peek into Rachel's new mindset to her ADHD diagnosis
    • Hear the inner workings of how her New York City Book Signing at Barnes & Noble came to to life
    • Discover what R...
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    Welcome back to another episode of Permission To Offend! When we heal from a trauma or when we heal from a triggering moment, we often forget the depth of what we were thinking and feeling. 

    Although it may seem contrary, I want you to experience all of it so that the next time you have a moment where you feel triggered, you can understand what you need to do to overcome the trigger and step into the God d...

    Mark as Played

    Dreams taking too long to manifest into reality? Feeling disappointed or let down? Whether you answered yes or not to either of these two questions, this episode of Permission to Offend will definitely be one to listen to today and save for the next time you feel dissappointed.


    Order Rachel's Book Permission to Offend HERE.

    Learn more about Faith Activated ...

    Mark as Played

    Tune in as Rachel Luna brings you back into the pages of Permission to Offend: The Compassionate Guide for Living Unfiltered & Unafraid.

    In this episode Rachel will share some personal stories, explain one of the concepts found in Chapter 2, and teach you the framework for defining your identity.

    Order your copy of Permission to Offend: The Compassionate Guide for Living Unfiltered & Unafraid Read more

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