Podcastification - podcasting tips, podcast tricks, how to podcast better

Podcastification - podcasting tips, podcast tricks, how to podcast better

Podcastificating the world, one listener at a time.A fun look at podcasting, its challenges and triumphs, and the tech, tips & tricks, and strategies that impact the world of everyday podcasters like you and me. I'm a regular guy who's been swept up in the podcastificating world of podcasting. I've build a business to support podcasters and content providers and love passing along my hard-learned lessons about podcasting, production, and editing, as well as my take on the technology that's available and the news that's affecting the podcasting space. Short episodes. Fun episodes. Very sparsely populated with interviews here and there. Let me know what you think. I'd love your rating and review. And if you need help with your podcast production, show notes, etc. - my team is here to help. www.PodcastFastTrack.com


April 12, 2022 46 mins

Remote recording for interviews and the like has always been a bit tricky and the platforms that provide recording of this type are always trying to improve.

2022 brings us a lot of contenders for the title of "best remote recording platform."

This episode is a handful of recordings of me and my right-hand audio-man, Aaron as we test out the top 11 platforms. You're going to hear about...

  • Boomcaster
  • Cast
  • Cleanfeed
  • Clearcast
  • Iris
  • Remote...
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I have LONG wanted a Podcast Newsletter that provides content for me — an INDEPENDENT PODCASTER.

I mean, it's OK to have industry news about who moved from what bigwig company to another biggerwig company in a higher profile industry-speak position... no problem there.

But it's not relevant to me at all.

So I've created an Indie Podcast Newsletter FOR Indie Podcasters, BY an Indie Podcaster. Abraham Lincoln would have said something l...

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Daniel J. Lewis has been building authority in the podcasting space since 2010.

That’s when the very first episode of his show (a podcast about podcasting) “The Audacity to Podcast.” You can hear it here.

Daniel has already been podcasting for about three years when I first came across his content and I can’t express the number of ways he’s helped me personally, both through his content and via personal email interactions we...

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How successful can a niche podcast be?

The answer likely depends on the niche. For example, back on episode 154 of this podcast Glenn Hebert, the personality and power behind The Horse Radio Network said this about his niche:

”(Annually) We are well into five figures, and you know, in our niche, we’ll probably never get to six figures. I don’t see us ever doing that.”

But his comments are about an expensive and specific niche...

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Do you EVER have issues coming up with new topics to cover on your podcast?

If not, it’s only a matter of time. Every podcaster runs into the issue eventually - asking the question, “What ELSE am I going to talk about on my podcast?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been podcasting for a long time. It WILL happen to you.

What then?

How are you going to move forward and continue to serve your audience?


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Every podcaster is looking for ways to grow her audience. Why? Hopefully, it's for reasons bigger than our own ego (if it's not, please — STOP podcasting right now).

The best reason to work toward podcast audience growth is to better serve those who find our show interesting and or helpful. I know you agree with me, right?

Scott Johnson is a guy who does that through a couple of podcasts, but the one we focus on in this conversation ...

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For the first time ever, podcast show notes display almost the SAME in all podcasting apps (thanks Apple).

That brings up the question... what ARE show notes anyway? And how can I best use them?

On this episode of Podcastification, I'm going to explain what show notes are, what they should contain, and how to create and use them in the MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS.

Keep reading.

What ARE show notes?

There are differing opinions or defin...

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If you feel you don't know enough about the topics you want to podcast about, you are in good company

Maria Failla began her podcast, Bloom & Grow Radio because she DIDN'T know enough about how to care for her plants and saw it as a great opportunity to talk to experts who did. And by the way, isn't that a GREAT name for a podcast? It comes from a line in Maria's favorite song from the musical, "The Sound of Music" - Ed...

  • Mark as Played
    September 3, 2021 11 mins

    Subscribe Is Gone (on Apple only, so far)

    Podcast tech is changing all the time, so we shouldn't be surprised when Apple makes a change (unannounced, as is often the case).

    What's the latest change?

    Apple's newest version of the iOS app (14.5 update) is now MISSING the "Subscribe" button. It also has no "Follow" button (which we've previously thought was coming).

    What users will see now when they click into a podcast they are ...

    Mark as Played

    Glenn Hebert...

    is one of those guys who saw the value and power of podcasting early on. His "Horse Radio Network" has been in the podcasting game for a long, long time as a result.

    I wanted to chat with Glenn about monetization because he's done it well — he and his wife both work full-time for their little media company and have recurring sponsorships for their shows that are long-standing.

    How does that kind of thing ...

    Mark as Played

    Can you see the opportunities that exist in your niche?

    If so, you'll gain further insight from listening to this episode. If not, you'll REALLY benefit from listening.

    Andrew Allemann seems to have a knack for noticing the opportunities, taking action on them quickly, and making the most of being first to meet the need the opportunity represents.

    In this episode Andrew shares...

    • When he started his first business...
    Mark as Played

    Podcasting success comes in all shapes and sizes... and in any niche area you can think of.

    This episode is a case-study of sorts and focuses on a very specific niche podcast and the impact its had on it's creator — Mark Goldman.

    Mark is an accountant, and a recruiter for the accounting industry. His businesses help others succeed in the accounting field and help companies in need of a good accountant, find one.

    So why did Mark think ...

    Mark as Played

    It's not every day you get to have a "Podcast Hall of Fame" inductee on your podcast. But it's fun when it happens! In this case, it's because Dave Jackson is such a fun guy.

    He's known as "The Podcast Coach" and has earned the title since he's been podcasting since way back in 2005 and has published more podcasts of his own than most people have lived. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one.

    Podcast Monetizatio...

    Mark as Played

    Get Into Jeremy's Podcast Marketing Course ASAP before it fills up! (Affiliate link)

    No doubt, marketing and promotion of your podcast, with a goal toward growing your audience with the RIGHT listeners, is a very difficult task. I know because I get questions about it from clients all the time.

    Are you struggling with the same issues? Dollars to donuts you are…

    Jeremy Enns has made a study of successfu...

    Mark as Played

    Podcast monetization may be in your future. Even if you have a relatively small show. Really.

    How it is possible? By using a friction-free platform that enables you to simply produce bonus content that is available to paid-members-only.

    Sound like a pipe dream? It’s not. My guest on this episode, Jason Sew Hoy is leading a team that has created Supercast — THE WAY (in my humble opinion) for podcasters to build a membership by giving ...

    Mark as Played

    Watering My Wife's Plants

    She asked me to SATURATE some of them... what does that mean? It means entirely soak them... cover them... overwhelm them with water!

    This episode is about THAT, for your podcast. Here are some of the best ways to do it

    Syndication (platforms) - my list of "how to" instructions: https://podcastfasttrack.com/podcast-directories-2018-2019-get-submitted/

    This is Apple, Spotify, Google, Stit...

    Mark as Played
    February 23, 2021 11 mins

    Before we get into STEP 4 can I remind you that these steps will do no good unless you dedicate yourself to applying them?

    You are doing that, right? If not - are you planning a way to make it happen in the near future? Nothing could impact the long-term success of your podcast like nailing this.

    STEP FOUR: Consistency / Frequency

    I can't think of anything more consistent than TIME itself, can you?

    It ticks away, second after ...

    Mark as Played


    I hope you're putting these steps into action...

    I know you're busy. I know you have other commitments.

    If that's the case, file this away and get back to it. But this stuff is important for the longevity and audience building of your podcast.

    We've already covered the first two steps - (1) Notice / Awareness and (2) Quality / Helpfulness.


    Mark as Played


    AFFILIATE offer for this episode: CAPTIVATE

    OK, you're working that "awareness" piece from the last installment, right? Be sure you go back and start there if you're not.

    It's time for STEP TWO of my Niche Domination Formula. Here it is:

    Quality / Helpfulness

    This one is best illustrated by talking about movies.

    There are only t...

    Mark as Played



    If your podcast is going to be top in its niche, people have to know about it. Obvious, but true. And you don’t accomplish it by posting 10 Facebook posts per day saying, “Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast!” Even if you include an audiogram.

    The awarenes...

    Mark as Played

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