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June 4, 2024 39 mins

Welcome back to another episode of Points Talk with the Travel Mom Squad, where today’s travel tale is all about adaptability and adventure! One of the most anticipated trips of the year was Pam’s African safari in the majestic Maasai Mara, complete with luxurious stays and game drives—all meticulously planned using points. Pam was ready to celebrate her birthday surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Kenya, but nature had other plans…hit play to hear the full story, or keep reading! 

Just as the fun got started with a pre-safari stay in Mauritius, indulging in the island’s beauty, an unexpected email turned everything upside down. The safari was abruptly canceled leaving her with two options: scramble or salvage the trip. Thanks to points and miles, she chose not just to salvage, but turn it into an opportunity and adventure of a lifetime! 

Transforming potential disappointment into a new story, she pivoted, and points and miles came to the rescue, allowing her to reshape her itinerary without a hitch. 

In Sardinia, Pam swapped what would have been safari jeeps for coastal views and Italian cuisine. Each unexpected twist brought new sights and experiences—from luxurious hotels to local culture, proving that sometimes the best stories come from the unplanned.

Through it all, the journey was smoothed over by the flexibility that comes with using points and miles—proving invaluable in turning what could have been a major travel fail into an array of unforgettable moments!

So, whether you find yourself facing canceled flights, unexpected weather, or last-minute changes, remember, with the right mindset and a good stash of points, you can turn any travel mishap into a new adventure. Hit play to dive deeper into our journey and discover how she made the best of an unpredictable situation!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 Pam's Planned African Safari Adventure (That never happened!)
  • 1:00 The Dream Safari: Planning with Points and Miles
  • 1:48 Unexpected Turn: Safari Canceled
  • 4:27 Pivoting Plans: Shifting from Kenya to Sardinia
  • 5:23 The Power of Flexibility with Points During Travel Mishaps
  • 7:06 Exploring Mauritius: Beaches, Buffets, and Serenity
  • 11:22 Transition to Sardinia: A New Adventure Begins
  • 15:53 Experiencing Italian Charm: Local Culture and Cuisine in Sardinia
  • 25:18 How Points and Miles Saved the Trip: Adapting on the Fly
  • 36:04 Reflections on Travel Resilience and the Importance of Plan B
  • 44:31 Embracing Unexpected Journeys and the Value of Adaptability


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