RockStar In Life

RockStar In Life


#29: Summer Family Fun and Learning

June 13, 201830 min

30 min
#28: Be Jealous

June 4, 201832 min

32 min
#27: The Family Bed

May 28, 201834 min

34 min
#26: The Plague of School Shootings and What You Can Do

May 21, 201844 min

44 min
#25: Don't Be Sick

May 14, 201820 min

20 min
#24: Be YOU!

May 7, 201833 min

33 min
#23: You Got This!

April 30, 201831 min

31 min
#22: Overcoming Depression

April 23, 201861 min

61 min
#21: Why Being Sensitive is a Good Thing

April 16, 201856 min

56 min
#20: Spring Equinox Is Here - What You Need To Know

April 9, 201828 min

28 min

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Welcome to the RockStar In Life Podcast. Where you learn the secrets to unleashing your inner-RockStar So you can make the world your stage! Each week they will be teaching you everything from life, health, wealth, relationships, entrepreneurship, homeschooling, yoga, meditation and much more. The RockStar message is clear, “We are all born RockStars in Life!” For more about what the RockStar in Life Movement is… check out Episode “Why RockStar”. Best Selling Author Dr. Dan & his lovely wife Siri Shakti have spent more than a decade traveling the world learning from the best of the best. Everyone from Western Experts that specialize in Self-Development, business, sales strategies and relationships, to Eastern Gurus that teach ancient life secrets that have been passed down from Yogi to Yogi for thousands of years. Download the show's transcripts and more: Be a RockStar In Your Life & Make The World Your Stage!... Show More

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