Something More with Chris Boyd

Something More with Chris Boyd

"Something More with Chris Boyd" is a financial talk show where we talk about not only those important dollar and cents issues, but also the quality-of-life issues that make the money matters matter. In addition to speaking about investment and planning concerns, we often invite guests to join us each week for new episodes & send in your questions/comments to:


June 21, 2024 46 mins

Behavioral Wealth and Personal Finance – Behavioral Wealth Specialists Cohen
Taylor and Wendell Clarke join Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry for a lively discussion on how
financial planners can best serve their clients. Cohen and Wendell explain how the
qualitative aspects of wealth management in a framework around emotional and
behavioral components of financial goals and concerns are all connected. Cohen and
Wendell share their thought...

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Pensions – Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry explore the various issues surrounding pension
decision options. The in-depth dialogue starts off with a discussion a recent client was
facing and how a range of factors influence what is best for each individual. At the 25-
minute mark the conversation moves to how the Massachusetts state and municipal
pension system operates and the variety of options available to retiring government

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June 14, 2024 33 mins

Is Inflation Easing? – Brian Regan joins the episode with Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry to
review the inflation data from the past week, including the Consumer Price Index and the
Producer Price Index, both of which show signs of a recent lower rate of inflation. Brian
offers detailed commentary of the specifics beyond the headlines and which data points
investors should primarily focus on. Brian and Chris dig into Federal Reserve Chai...

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June 10, 2024 38 mins

In this episode, Chris Boyd CFP®, CASL, CEPS catches up with Bob Powell CFP®, RMA® to discuss the pressing issue of financial exploitation, focusing on scams and schemes.

Bob Powell highlights the prevalence of financial scams, particularly those targeting elderly individuals, with statistics showing significant financial losses and many cases going unreported.

Common S...

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“R” or “D” who is better for your portfolio? – Do investors do better under a
Republican or a Democrat President and Congress? How about when the federal
government power is divided between the political parties? Chris Boyd reviews “Y-
Chart” data with Jeff Perry for this engaging review of what really matters to investor
performance. Chris and Jeff begin the show with a remembrance that today, June 6 th is
the 80 th anniversary of...

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May 31, 2024 21 mins

The work-from-home stocks – Brian Regan joins Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry for a
conversation about the work-from-home pandemic era stocks, including Zoom, Twilio,
and Peloton. The trio discusses how each company exemplifies the highs and lows of
pandemic-fueled growth and the challenges of sustaining momentum in a post-
pandemic world. Brian offers his commentary whether any of these companies are
investable now “that they’ve fallen ...

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May 31, 2024 29 mins

Feelings vs. Facts – As a follow up to a recent discussion about how the majority of
Americans feel as if the economy is in a recession and the financial markets are
struggling, Brian Regan joins Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry to talk about how the
emotions/feelings of many clients do not match the data. Chris proposes a theory that
much of this disconnect is related to how inflation has put pressure on household budgets.
Jeff weights i...

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May 27, 2024 24 mins

Duffy Health Center Update – Heidi Nelson, CEO of Duffy Health Center joins
Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry with an update on Duffy’s efforts to prevent and serve
the homeless individuals and families on Cape Cod. Heidi shares a personal
announcement of her upcoming 2025 retirement and offers her thoughts on recent
data concerning the scope of homelessness across the Cape. Heidi answers
questions about the challenges and opportunities of...

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May 27, 2024 27 mins

Memorial Day Weekend and In the News – With Memorial Day approaching, Chris
Boyd and Jeff Perry reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day. They highlight the
Cape Cod Cares for the Troops event happening on Sunday, May 26 th (see link below) as
they outline the excellent work done by Michelle and Dylan DeSilva. Chris and Jeff next
discuss that despite recent economic data, most Americans feel like they are living in a
recession (...

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What is it worth? – How does one put a value on collaborating with a good financial
advisor? Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry explore this question and more. Chris and Jeff begin
the conversation by outlining the various roles of a financial advisor. Chris explains the
importance of working with a Fiduciary. Jeff suggests a 3-question test before selecting
the right financial advisor. A wide range of topics are discussed including making ...

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May 24, 2024 26 mins

Best Night - Cape Cod – Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry welcome Bert Talerman, President
of Cape Cod 5 Bank. The episode starts off with congratulations to Bert for being
recognized with the Visionary Award from the Cape and Islands United Way. Chris
outlines the various efforts the United Way provides funding and services. Bert next
answers Chris’s questions about the current banking environment and economic
conditions on Cape Cod. Jeff...

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8 Ways to become poor in your Retirement – Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry review
an article which outlines common financial mistakes baby boomers are making in
their retirement years (see link below). Having too much consumer debt, starting
social security too soon, having too much house, not having a realistic budget, and
selling your investments at the wrong time are some of the issues covered.

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May 20, 2024 29 mins

Cape Cod Housing Challenges – Alisa Magnotta from the Housing Assistance Corp
(HAC) of Cape Cod joins Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry to discuss the numerous housing
related challenges in the region. Alisa reviews the wide range of services and programs
of HAC in attempts to bridge issues between homelessness and homeownership. The
discussion highlights the growing issues of homelessness, including an increasing
number of senior citizens...

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What is the economic data telling us? – Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry explore the financial
data reports from the past week, including the Producer Price Index, Consumer Price
Index, Retail Sales, and Consumer Debt. Chris reviews comments from Federal Reserve
Chairman Jerome Powell regarding the Federal Reserve’s efforts to tame inflation. Jeff
discusses the impacts that higher interest rates are having on consumer spending and

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Should you worry about a declining birth rate? –The world is at a startling
demographic milestone. Sometime soon, the global fertility rate will drop below
the point needed to keep population constant. It may have already happened.
Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry review a recent Wall Street Journal article discussing
what declining birth rates mean to the economy, investing and the quality of life
(see link below).

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May 13, 2024 25 mins

Earnings and what really matters – Chris Boyd welcomes Brian Regan to the show.
With approximately 80% of corporate earnings reported for this quarter, Brian outlines
common trends he is seeing from these earnings. Jeff Perry questions Brian about areas
of concern that CEO’s and investors may be focused on. Brian explains how he
approaches evaluating a company to invest in and the trio discuss how stock buybacks
and dividends can b...

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5 Conversations with your Financial Advisor - Based on the recently published article
in Financial Planning (linked below), there are five extraordinary circumstances that go
beyond the basic retirement planning that advisors should address with clients. The topics
of discussion include non-traditional relationships and what happens when things go
wrong, special issues with minor children, estate planning in second marriages, healt...

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May 10, 2024 25 mins

The Retirement Smile – Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry explore personal spending patterns
when people enter retirement. The Retirement Smile shows increased spending in the
early and late stages of retirement. Chris and Jeff dig into the reasons for this
phenomenon and how to create a financial plan to best reflect projected spending and
capital needs. Chris also brings up a Wall Street Journal article indicating that most
people expect ...

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Mail Bag – For this episode, Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry open the “Mail Bag” and discuss
questions from clients and listeners. Chris and Jeff start the episode with a Happy
Mother’s Day wish. During the episode, Chris and Jeff discuss the “Still Working”
exception related to 401Ks and required minimum distributions (RMDs), how to use a
QCD (qualified charitable distribution) to reduce income taxes, and best practices when
planning fo...

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AI and the Human Element of Marketing – Michael Byrnes of Byrnes Consulting
joins Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is changing how
companies do business and how consumers receive information. In addition to discussing
how changes in technology impact businesses and the manner in which they market their
goods and services to customers, Michael, Chris, and Jeff discuss instances of Cause
Related Market...

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