Strategic Storytelling

Strategic Storytelling

Strategic Storytelling blends together the magic of storytelling with practical strategies for marketing a small business, with a focus on copywriting, branding, and planning. Cathy Goodwin, an online strategist and published author, shows entrepreneurs new ways to use storytelling and copywriting to attract their perfect clients.


May 28, 2023 11 mins

Business decisions and career decisions will be influenced by the way you tell a story. When you tell an old story because "everyone knows this" you make choices with less successful outcomes. 

In this episode, we review the retirement story as an example.

Many (maybe most) people make career and business decisions in the context of a retirement story. It's the story they've heard all their working lives. 

In this episode we review...

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“There’s a gap between what I know they need and what they think they need.”

As a service-based business, you probably recognize this problem. 

For instance, you know your clients mostly need to build their confidence. They need to jump in and take action. 

But when they come to you, they say...

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You've got a great story for business...and you're ready to write "The End."

But it's rarely a good idea to end your business story this way. When you're writing a story to sell,  you'll get more results with a story that ends with the client's transformation.

In this podcast episode, we'll talk about how to show your client reached a transformation. You'll discover
... how to tailor the transformation to be meaningful to the clie...

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When you're a solopreneur or small service-based business, the brand is YOU. The stories you tell will contribute to your brand and position, even when you're not intending to brand with them. A casual story gets remembered and follows you everywhere.

I've observed several business owners over the years. As their businesses grow, they become more established. They develop a group of loyal followers who respect them as professionals...

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This podcast looks at 3 ways your website resembles an Easter egg:

(1) Websites, like Easter eggs, rarely last forever.

After working with dozens of business owners to create a compelling, “stand-out” online presence, I’ve discovered that the most constant success factor is a willingness to change. Your website may need change for several reasons - you, your market, your environment and more.

(2) Websites, like Easter eggs, are fun...

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Your client says, "I don't want to work with you anymore."

Or they disappear.

What can you do? 

You can try to find out why they've left. Usually, that's a lost cause. Some clients don't know why they left. Some don't want to hurt your feelings. Some fear confrontation.

Your client has a story. You just don't know - and you may never know - what it is.

Even worse, they won't answer questions like, "How can I make things better?" Wh...

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Being a podcast guest brings many rewards. You open up opportunities. You get exposure in several ways. 

Small podcast? You still benefit. 

Link to the interview on your website. Your prospective clients get a new view of how you think and speak. 

Besides, you never know if just one juicy prospect is listening to that podcast - someone who's hearing about you for the first time, who'd never know about you any other way.

Podcast hos...

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If you own a service business, you probably know this already: Writing a book can bring you exposure, credibility, and ultimately, more clients. You get transformed from "business owner" to "thought leader." 

On this podcast, Jane Tabachnik talks about an essential component of authorship: "finding your why". She explains what this really means: it's not about your psychological needs, but rather about relating to your audience. 


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You'll find lots of lists of "website mistakes." This episode introduces 3 common mistakes that can be fixed with storytelling.

For one thing, you need to be sure you're telling the right story - consistent with your clients' backstory and your own archetype.

You may get advised to choose certain websites as models of good marketing. They're usually great websites - but they won't work for you. 

You'll get lots of examples of websi...

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Should you swear when you're onstage for your business?

The answer is, "sometimes." Only one of the five archetypes can get away with swearing...and I'll explain which one.

For the other archetypes, swearing can backfire.

Your audience may want you to swear, but you can't make assumptions. 

And swearing seems stronger in certain settings, such as the written word and in one-to-one settings.

One caveat: Avoid "lazy" swearing. Even ...

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If you've been following the soap opera saga of British royalty Harry and Meghan, you know they generated some explosive content. Apparently, they were surprised at the reaction of their many readers and listeners. 

Most business owners don't share worldwide fame, but many have amassed a large following of admirers.

Any business owner - or anyone who shares a story - can get reactions they totally didn't expect when they planned t...

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Business storytelling can be used to explain a concept, describe what you do, or show why you're so passionate about serving your clients.

Business storytelling can also be used for "story-selling:" you craft your story to appeal to buyers and motivate them to take action.

In this episode of Strategic Storytelling, you'll see an example of the way we can transform a "good enough" story into a strong story that delivers sales. We'll...

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As an entrepreneur, you've probably heard the saying, "A Confused Mind Doesn't Buy." So when you're thinking of expanding your business to encompass your new interests, you may wonder: Do I have to hold back on something I really care about?

I often see this with clients who have been in business a while. As you grow, your interests expand. For instance, on this podcast, I talk about a business coach who used to be "strictly busine...

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners often believe the sequence "Idea --> Create Offer --> Start Marketing."

It sounds logical, doesn't it?

Truth is, if you wait till you've got a finished product, you've waited too long. You need to get some signs of success before committing to production and creation.

There's a good section in a book published several years ago, with the memorable title of A Year Without Pants. That was pre-...

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When I moved to Philly almost 12 years ago,  I had to decide what to keep and what to toss. I was tempted to follow the maxim, "When in doubt, throw it out."  But over time, I've learned that sometimes taking something along will actually save time and space in the future.

Moving to a New Year also encourages the question, "What do we take along? What do we leave ...

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Just after I recorded this podcast, a marketing coach popped up in my inbox with advice to share your story of personal trauma. Yep, another Cringe of the Day.

You can't miss the Harry & Meghan story, which is one big cringe for many of us. But if you pay attention, you'll see many successful business owners who are doing the same thing: baring their souls because they think it's a wise move.

And where do they get their insights? F...

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As a small business owner, you're unabashedly in business because you want to earn revenue. Often that means increasing prices in order to reach your realistic profit goals. 

So how do you announce a price increase? 

Reviewing what's out there, I found two strategies. One is to share your "why." The other is to associate your price increase with an increase in value.

Each of these strategies assumes a story about you - and a backst...

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Go through your inbox and you’ll find yourself responding to messages with, “I bet whoever wrote this is blushing beet red by now. The word ‘cringeworthy’ was designed for this.” 

We’ve all made at least one cringe-creating mistake and I bet you’ve seen plenty of examples, too.

In my experience, these mistakes don’t happen because business owners don’t know any better. The problem is, we get busy and we take good advice out of cont...

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If your services relate to problem-solving, I’m willing to bet that few people will call you for an appointment until they’ve experienced a sharp defining moment. Psychologists call these experiences “crystallizing moments” as things come together clearly.

We often think of “last-straw moments” as pretty extreme, such as the person who wakes up in jail with no memory of how he got there. But game-changing moments feel huge to the c...

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When you tell stories, you influence your audience. In business and in life, you're encouraged to share stories that reflect your audience's reality. 

But all too often, you're faced with someone who projects their reality onto your story.

In this episode, I'm joined by Nicole Lewis-Keeber, a life coach who's also a licensed therapist, with special expertise in trauma. She will explain how ...

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