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March 28, 2024 31 mins

Today, we'll speak with the remarkable Matt Van Itallie, CEO of Sema, to explore the rapidly evolving intersection of DevOps and generative AI.

In this episode, we delve deep into how CTOs can effectively communicate the value of clean and legacy code investments to non-technical stakeholders by focusing on tangible business and technology outcomes.

Discover how the groundbreaking Gen AI tool is revolutionizing internal communication within companies, fostering enhanced developer productivity, and speeding up project timelines. Matt will share his expertise on setting up a developer council, utilizing Gen AI to strengthen DevSecOps, and the importance of the open-source bill of materials in today's tech ecosystem.

We'll tackle the crucial subject of mitigating legal risks, data leakage, and the security aspects of code generation with AI tools, ensuring that you're equipped with strategies to responsibly incorporate these robust solutions in your workflow.

Learn the pivotal role this innovative Product plays for CTOs and how developers can advocate for its adoption. And for something a bit lighter, we'll even mention a quirky seasonal creation, "Peepshi," blending sweet treats in an unusual sushi form.

Stay with us as we explore insights into AI's impact on software development, understand the need for comprehensive AI policies, and grasp the concept of a "Gen AI bill of materials." This episode is jam-packed with actionable information for any DevOps professional navigating the shifting tides brought upon by generative AI.

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