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April 4, 2024 41 mins

Welcome back to the DevOps Toolchain podcast!

Today, we dive deep into DevOps and its pivotal role in today's software development landscape.

I'm your host, Joe Colantonio. In this episode, "DevOps Continuous Automated & Performance Testing," we're bringing together a powerhouse panel for an awesome roundtable discussion that took place at this year's Automation Guild conference.

For those who missed the Automation Guild conference in February, don't worry! You can still gain instant access to all the recordings, providing a wealth of knowledge and insights. Plus, you'll have 24/7 access to our private community and monthly training sessions. To take advantage of this, head over to and register today.

This session focused on the critical but often misunderstood practice of continuous automated and performance testing within the DevOps framework.

In this episode, we're not just talking theory. We're delving into the real-world challenges that companies face when trying to embrace true continuous testing and agile development. Our guests share their experiences, pointing out the common pitfalls that you need to avoid in your own DevOps journey.

From highlighting the need for automation and AI as essential tools rather than roadblocks to discussing the significant impact of culture, collaboration, and alignment with business goals, this episode aims to dissect how to build high-performing DevOps teams and pipelines that genuinely deliver.

Listen up to absorb invaluable advice on establishing an efficient DevOps culture, cutting through the hype to find substantial value, and ultimately accelerating your company's journey from DevOps immaturity to maturity.

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