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May 29, 2024 33 mins

In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative power of artificial intelligence with our guest, Ian Harris. An experienced technology professional, Ian unpacks how AI revolutionizes customer service by understanding sentiment and handling frustrations, ultimately reshaping call center operations. He explores the game-changing impact of AI in software development in DevOps, emphasizing its role in enhancing code reviews and pull requests and automating mundane tasks, freeing up human creativity.

Joe and Ian also delve into the practical side of AI in business, discussing powerful tools like Google's Gemini models for data processing and OpenRouter for comparing AI model responses. The conversation doesn't shy away from the challenges, including data security concerns and the need to keep pace with rapid advancements in AI from major players like Google, Amazon, and OpenAI. Whether you’re keen on understanding AI's role in communication efficiency, or its potential in creating cost-effective, high-quality podcasts, this episode is packed with insights that you won’t want to miss!

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