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August 12, 2020 128 mins

Patrick Jones joins YTOM to discuss Atheism, Secular Humanism, Anarchism, and unproductive conversation that results from identity politics.

Patrick was raised a southern baptist, but attended Catholic school. He attended Baylor University, graduating pre-med with a BA in literature. He received a Masters degree in modern English Literature. His Masters Thesis focused on DH Lawrence's treatment of Primitivism. He spent 27 years as a Christian (23 years as an Evangelical, 4 more years as a Liturgical Episcopalian.) He's been an Atheist since 2010.

He's spent 17 of his 21 years in F&B directing national bar programs, including Diageo N.A. 

He is a free thinker, and a member of the New England Skeptics Society. He works towards the promotion of free and skeptical thought.

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