The A&P Professor

The A&P Professor

Explore human anatomy and physiology (A&P) teaching and learning with host Kevin Patton. An experienced professor, textbook author, and mentor, Kevin is a recognized leader in A&P teaching. The A&P Professor updates science content and provides practical teaching advice. Want some ideas to supercharge your A&P course? How about some support from a fellow A&P professor? This is the podcast for you!


June 30, 2024 63 mins

In episode 149 of The A&P Professor podcast, host Kevin Patton chats with Greg Crowther and Ben Wiggins about their work with exams in the anatomy and physiology (A&P) course. They discuss the importance of exams in assessing student learning and the need for exams to be more connected to course objectives. They also mention the challenges of designing exams that are fair and inclusive for all students. Crowther and Wiggins are con...

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In Episode 148, Justin Shaffer joins host Kevin Patton to discuss high structure course design. Justin shares his success in building a scaffold for learning by using a variety of course structures to improve student engagement and success, such as pre-class and post-class activities, micro-case studies and clicker questions, brief active learning practices, and much more.

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00:46 |...

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In Episode 147, host Kevin Patton reviews the highlights and events of the previous year in the world of The A&P Professor. He then turns to last year's predictions for teaching human anatomy and physiology to see if he was on the right track. Finally, predictions for the coming year are revealed. And lots of other stuff—this episode is two hours long, after all!

0:00:00 | Introduction

0:00:50 | Debrief: Topics, Stats, Reflections


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Episode 146 of The A&P Professor podcast is one of our winter shorts, where I replay interesting segments from previous episodes. In this one, we discuss the importance of academic integrity in the Anatomy & Physiology course. We emphasize the need to incorporate discussions about integrity in the syllabus and course materials and share real-life examples of violations in the healthcare field. We highlight how dishonesty can have s...

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Episode 145 of The A&P Professor podcast is one of our winter shorts, where I replay interesting segments from previous episodes. In this one, you'll hear about the trials and tribulations of teaching and learning pronunciations of anatomy and physiology terminology. Including why the instructor is ALWAYS correct!

00:00 | Introduction

01:07 | Variations in Anatomy & Physiology Pronunciations

10:24 | Say Anatomy & Physiology Terms O...

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Mike Pascoe joins host Kevin Patton in Episode 144 to chat about Mike's experience in editing the new Kenhub Atlas of Human Anatomy. We go behind the scenes to see how this new kind of anatomy atlas was developed. Let's see how those decisions get made and how the learning perspective gets incorporated into anatomy manuals. And we explore diverse representation in anatomy images and why we won't find any eponyms in this atlas. We a...

In episode 143 of The A&P Professor podcast for anatomy and physiology faculty, host Kevin Patton uncovers the super-secret, single, ultimate teaching strategy you need to keep your course tuned up and effective. He also revisits the "out there" transducer model of the brain and suggests a connection with a recent discovery supporting quantum wave activity in brain cell microtubules. Yes, quantum waves in the microtubules. Kevin al...

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Get pumped up for Episode 142, where we have the honor of hosting Dr. Roy Meals, the musculoskeletal maestro! 💪 We're gonna flex our curiosity muscles and explore every nook and cranny of his latest masterpiece, Muscle: The Gripping Story of Strength and Movement. This episode's so dynamic, you might need a protein shake afterward!

  • 0:00:00 | Introduction
  • 0:01:13 | Re-Introducing Dr. Roy Meals
  • 0:04:08 | Muscle Strain & Why We ...
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Get ready for a mind-bending 😲 rendezvous with Kevin Patton in Episode 141, where he continues to spill the beans on his top-secret recipe for student triumph. 🏆 Brace yourself for this next adventure on his whirlwind tour of revolutionizing A&P 1 education, as we dissect the art of identifying student pain points, personalizing preparation, and serving up the kind of mentorship they've been yearning for!

0:00:00 | Introduction


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In episode 140, we introduce the development of the pre-A&P course and the A&P1 Supplement course. These courses address the challenges faced by A&P students and improve their readiness and comprehension.  In this first of two episodes, we focus on the pre-A&P course. It focuses on filling subject knowledge gaps with 10 modules and cumulative tests. Student surveys and studies show its effectiveness in achieving higher grades in th...

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In Episode 139, we explore a new discovery in nerve signaling in the brain called a dendritic action potential (dCaAP), we look at a whacky proposed model of brain function, and we share some ideas about how we can help our students understand the core concepts of chemical signaling and signal transduction in different contexts. Put on your thinking caps and jump into this fresh episode now.

00:00 | Introduction

00:50 | Dendritic A...

In Episode 138 of The A&P Professor podcast for anatomy & physiology faculty, host Kevin Patton discusses some new thinking about organelle function, why decorative animations are not a good idea in our teaching slides, news about Wendy Riggs and the 2023 HAPS President's Medal, why I don't like timed tests, resources for AI in the curriculum, and why micro-credentials are our friends. With all that, how is that we left out any men...

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In Episode 137, host Kevin Patton explores the significance of playfulness, transparency, and authenticity in the teaching persona. Drawing from personal experiences training animals, Kevin explains how play is integral to learning, highlighting the importance of incorporating a sense of fun and embracing failures in the classroom. He also emphasizes the value of transparency by sharing our own mistakes and weaknesses, asserting th...

In Episode 136, host Kevin Patton looks at the effects of tattoos on sweat glands, we discuss aural diversity and how we can accommodate it, and we explore how to use the process of deep elaboration in our course to help challenged learners develop stronger and more useful memories.

00:00 | Introduction

00:47 | Tattoos May Impair Sweating

05:37 | Sponsored by AAA

06:41 | Aural Diversity. It's a Thing.

22:36 | Sponsored by HAPI


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Dr. Michelle Lazarus, author of the new book, The Uncertainty Effect: How to Survive and Thrive through the Unexpected, joins host Kevin Patton for a lively discussion of of uncertainty in science, medicine, and academia.

00:00 | Introduction

00:50 | Dr. Michelle Lazarus

04:57 | Sponsored by AAA

05:31 | Why Is Uncertainty Important?

17:05 | Sponsored by HAPI

17:49 | The Uncertainty of Teaching A&P

27:07 | Sponsored by HAPS

28:05 | ...

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In Episode 134, Jason Organ, the new Editor-in-Chief of Anatomical Sciences Education (ASE). joins us for a chat about his vision for this popular journal for anatomy and physiology faculty. Ranging from specific goals to general—and insightful—observations about teaching A&P, you'll want to listen in to this thought-provoking discussion.

00:00 | Introduction

00:54 | Introducing Jason Organ & ASE

03:31 | Sponsored by AAA

03:56 | A ...

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In Episode 133, Dr. Mindi Fried joins us to discuss her experience of aphantasia, the inability to picture thoughts and memories in the mind's eye, and how that affects how she teaches and learns anatomy and physiology. This is a chat that will increase our awareness of the huge and sometimes invisible diversity that exists among our students.

00:00 | Introduction

01:01 | What is Aphantasia?

05:45 | Sponsored by AAA

07:07 | Introdu...

Episode 132 is the annual debriefing episode, which features a review of the last year and a look ahead to the coming year. And yes, I make my traditional psychic predictions for the new year, as well as review last year's predictions.

0:00:00 | Introduction

0:00:46 | The A&P Professor is Back!

0:04:02 | Looking Back at 2022

0:14:46 | More Looking Back at 2022

0:26:30 | What About Those Sponsor Messages?

0:30:31 | Last Year's Predi...

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In Episode 131, Kevin Patton discusses the use of ChatGPT and other chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching and learning. We learn what's going on, what to be concerned about, and what to look forward to. And how to keep breathing.

0:00:00 | Introduction

0:00:53 | What's a Chatbot and Why Should I Care?

0:08:44 | Sponsored by AAA

0:09:51 | Kevin Asks ChatGPT Some Questions

0:21:25 | Sponsored by HAPI

0:22:01 | Is Chat...

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Host Kevin Patton revisits some classic segments from past episodes. In the first segment, he explains why he thinks storytelling is the heart of effective teaching. Then. he tells a brief version of his actin-myosin love story—a playful analogy to help students learn about muscle contraction.

00:00 | Introduction

01:07 | Storytelling: The Heart of Teaching

15:36| Sponsored by AAA, HAPI, and HAPS

17:10 | Actin-Myosin Love Story


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