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Ep57 - Increasing Your Net Worth w/ Mark Bloom (@NetWorthRealty)

August 6, 201746 min
Mark Bloom is a nationally recognized real estate expert. He is the CEO & Owner of NetWorth Realty. Glassdoor named NetWorth Realty one of the nations top mid size companies to work in 2017.NetWorth Realty owns brokerage offices in 14 cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Tampa, Charlotte, Austin, San Antonio and Galveston. Mark has helped hundreds of clients buy, sell, and hold successful real estate investments.  Mark has been featured on ABC's Nightline, Fox News Radio and dozens of NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliate stations across the country. Fox News Business, the Dallas Business Journal and Personal Real Estate Investor are only a few of the prestigious publications that Mark has appeared in. At one time, Mark was the host of the Nation’s only nationally syndicated talk radio show solely dedicated to real estate.  Before starting NetWorth Realty, Mark spent a decade working as a wholesale real estate agent and broker.  Prior to getting into wholesale real estate, Mark spent several years working in-house for a prominent national developer & legal team. It was during that time, when Mark’s passion for real estate caught fire and he began investing on his own. Mark holds a Degree in Law and a Masters of Finance specializing in investments, both from the University of Miami.   MARK’S 5 REASONS WHY RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE SHOULD BE IN EVERY INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO TO BUILD WEALTH    1) It’s the last un-commoditized quality investment vehicle.   2) It is one of the two most essential items for a reasonable quality of life.   3) You can own it or rent it, you choose.    4) The government incentivizes us to buy real estate. It’s a tax shelter.    5) You can leverage it easily, because everything is supply demand.     MARK’S 5 TIPS TO START INVESTING IN RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE    1) You make your money in the buy. Take our time, but take action. No such thing as a perfect deal. Find a good deal, triple check the numbers, buy it!    2) Get a good contractor. This can be the difference between making money and losing money.    3) Rehab to the market, not to your personal taste.     4) Take action! Yes it's scary. Yes it is risky, but it’s the only way.   5) Don’t waste thousands of dollars on education.        MARK’S TOP 3 MARKETS FOR RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE IN 2017     1) Dallas    2) Austin   3) Nashville  

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