Going Beyond the Food: Diet Culture, Intuitive Eating, Body Acceptance, Mindset and Anti-Diet Podcast

Going Beyond the Food: Diet Culture, Intuitive Eating, Body Acceptance, Mindset and Anti-Diet Podcast

Helping women makes peace with food and their body since 2016. This podcast is about empowering women to live their life confidently & unconditionally. I'm Stephanie Dodier Clinical Nutritionist & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Intuitive Eating Expert and I'd love to help you go Going Beyond The Food ! The Going Beyond The Food Method™️ is the feminist approach to food and body. We live in a world dominate by diet culture and patriarchy, with its relentless pressure to be thin, keeping women from living their full life. It’s time for this B.S. to change…. for us and the next generations of women! Enters Intuitive Eating, Body Neutrality and Mindset. Free from the negative “means girls voices” in your head, food obsession, self-doubt and shame.... Show More


January 7, 2021 28 min

“I want to move with joy”
“I want to get out of the funk of not movement”
“I know exercise is good for me… just can’t bring myself to do it”
“How do I motivate myself to move more without dreading it.”

That you are at the beginning stage of challenging the concept of dieting or an advanced intuitive eater that now wants to work on reclaiming their relationship to exercise. Or that you have made peace with food already and now want ...

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December 29, 2020 29 min
What you’ll learn listening to this episode on my goals for 2021:
  • The reflective process for 2020
  • The 6 questions to use to reflect on 2020
  • My 4 lessons learned in 2020
  • The goals I have for 2021
  • Mentioned on the show:

    Podcast Roadmap

    Conquer & Thrive

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    December 22, 2020 29 min

    "Nothing is easy for the unwilling." 

    When we set a goal or desire to change an aspect of our life or self, we often get “stuck” into inaction. 

    The fear of taking action in the unknown and the paralysis into stagnation is normal. It’s present for most of us women. This fear is a normal reaction from our brain to command us into staying put instead of moving ourselves into the unknown. 

    It’s our brain’s duty to prevent us f...

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    December 17, 2020 24 min

    Smart Goals are to goal setting what dieting is to Diet Culture.

    For years, I set goals the diet Culture way… you know, the SMART GOALS. Every year the pattern repeated itself. Give up by the 5th week.

    Just like diet culture, SMART goals are anchored on external results, accomplishment of actions, grounded into avoidance of failure and perfectionism. It’s archaic, sexist and builds on elitist principles.

    Just like dieting doesn’t w...

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    December 10, 2020 41 min

    “It feels terrible as a mom to put yourself first... it’s easy to say self-care when you don’t have kids”.

    This is such a sensitive topic for moms... Me, the single woman with no kids telling them to take time for themselves.

    I have avoided doing a topic on this subject because let’s face it, it’s true: I don’t get it. That’s until today...

    I have a guest expert who can speak about this from a lived experience. She’s a mom of 3 kid...

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    December 8, 2020 26 min

    This is going to be a fun episode...

    I’m answering 25 questions our listeners have submitted. Short to the point answer on all subjects related to the non-diet approach...  

    You’ll get an answer for each of these 25 non-diet approach & business questions.   

  • You keep referring to PROs... I’m a health coach so I’m not a professional right? 
  • How do I make money as a non-diet coach? How do I  create a stable income so I have no dou...
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    December 3, 2020 30 min

    The end of a year in our current culture serves as a point of reflection: what went well, what didn’t go so well, for me what I’ve learned….what we accomplished and then we also use this time to set ourselves goals, objective, intention for the new year. This process of reflection and intention setting is a very powerful process for us and should be done.

    Dec 1 is typically the date when the real hardcore holiday marketing frenzy t...

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    The Non-Diet Business Mindset discourse is vastly different from the traditional business mindset discourse you might have heard.


    Simply because the same system of oppression that is in place to keep women stuck in diet culture is present in the business world.

    One of our guest expert teachers, Dr. Michelle Mazur is Ph.D. in sales psychology as an expert coined the term “Bro Marketing” to describe this phenomenon.

    This episode...

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    My journey with exercise has been chaotic for most of my life.

    Dieting really screwed up my relationship to exercise as much as it f*cked up my relationship to food.

    When I first entered the world of Health At Every Size and Intuitive eating the concept of Joyful Movement sent me straight into cognitive dissonance.

    And then I quickly realize that as much work I needed to do to change how I perceived food and my food habits I needed...

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    What you'll learn listening to this episode on body image health coaching for women:
  • Why we struggle with body image
  • The impact of not being liberated from body image to you personally and on your business
  • Why helping and coaching women through body image healing isn't about the how...
  • The stages of healing body image
  • Mentioned in the show:

    Conquer & Thrive Professional Limited Edition

    PRO Mentorship Program

    Free Intake Fo...

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    November 19, 2020 28 min

    What to do when others talk about dieting when I’m trying to stop?

    How to not be jealous of other people's weight loss?

    How to handle my mom’s comment on my body?

    What about my family at gatherings and holidays so triggering?

    Can you relate?

    Although this episode was created around the American Thanksgiving holiday, this is applicable all-year-round.

    It’s good for family BBQs, friends dinners, office breakroom, or the Zoom room...

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    You have a degree or certification in hands and you are ready to get started.

    Or perhaps you’ve spent the last few years recovering your own relationship to food and body and you have a burning desire to share your journey with others.

    This podcast is for you!

    Our guest today is Stephanie Long, a Business Coach for Nutritionists and has helped hundreds of nutritionists start their own successful businesses. Stephanie is also the ho...

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    November 12, 2020 25 min

    I often get asked what is the difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating.

    While mindful eating teaches you to be present with your food experience, intuitive eating encompasses the whole relationship to food.

    Both are different and similar at the same time. Both are excellent and should be incorporated into one’s life.

    Based on your past experience with food one might be better than the other.  That's what we will d...

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    In the Non-Diet Mentorship, we change lives. Your life as a coach and the life of your future clients. We do it with ease, less time, and greater impact.

    We get success for our students and their clients.

    Let’s go behind the scenes of that success.

    Let’s hear from the current students of the Non-Diet Mentorship Program.

    We recorded a live session for this podcast just for you based on your questions:

  • Did you feel scared before inve...
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    November 6, 2020 37 min

    Have you been told you shouldn’t be eating X or Y food for your health?

    As a good responsible patient, you’ve been trying your best to do so.

    But in secret, you obsess about the food that is “illegal” for you?

    You resent the fact that you can’t have sugar as a diabetic. Sometimes end up even end up overeating that “illegal food”.

    You struggle with “on plan” consistently. You may even feel guilty for not being “good enough” to contr...

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    “I’m doubting my ability as a coach...How can I increase my confidence as a coach?” 

    A very frequent error health coaches make is to get more certification in order to be more confident in their coaching skills. 

    A new certification will not give you confidence.  

    Being A Confident Non-Diet Coach

    Confidence is an emotion. Confidence is a feeling. 

    Coaching confidence is a feeling of trust in your ability to coach your client. 


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    October 29, 2020 19 min

    "If you don't love it, don't eat it and if you love it, savor it". - Evelyn Tribole

    Satisfaction versus Fullness

    The difference between satisfaction versus fullness is how you can see that diet culture has invaded your journey through intuitive eating because satisfaction with food is always left off the non-diet way of diet culture.

    Food can be filling without being satisfying: Think of your last diet when you ate ...

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    One of the frequent questions from health coaches who encounter my work in the non-diet approach for the first time is this:

    How do I make money as a non-diet coach?

    I get it. I had the same question 6 years ago when I first came to the world of anti-diet health coaching. If we don’t tell people what to eat when to eat and how to eat, what will they pay us for? Right?

    To help answer this question, I’d like to give you an inside vie...

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    October 22, 2020 23 min

    Body shame is what kick-started my descent into perfectionism. No matter what I did, I couldn't rid myself of the shame I felt for my body. Like millions of other women, I master up a plan to offset my inability to get a "proper body" by being perfect everywhere else.


    Why is body shame so powerful?

    What you’ll learn listening to this episode:
  • What is shame
  • How shame applies to our body image
  • Why it’s so importan...
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    When I first started in my nutrition practice the term “non-diet approach” didn’t even cross my mind. “Anti-diet approach” didn’t even exist. Unbeknown to me, I was practicing the “diet approach to nutrition” simply because that’s what was taught in health & nutrition school.

    Fast forward close to 10 years now and a lot have changed. The non-diet approach is growing rapidly, so has the anti-diet approach and intuitive eating is...

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