The Clinical Entrepreneur

The Clinical Entrepreneur

The Clinical Entrepreneur podcast is for healthcare practitioners who want to turn their clinic into a thriving business and create a life they love. We talk about marketing strategies, building the right team, family, work-life balance, where to find your perfect patient and when to wear your CEO hat. Full of practical information, humor, and a hefty dose of motivation, host Ronda Nelson will inspire you to take massive action toward creating an authentic business you can be proud of — and most importantly, how to make an abundant income that creates financial freedom.⁣ ⁣ With a background in accounting, 20+ years experience running a thriving wellness clinic and educating practitioners all over the nation, Ronda shares her best business and marketing practices so you too can thrive. She knows all too well that being a great clinician won’t get you far if you don’t understand how to run a profitable business!⁣ ⁣ They say life has a plan for us all… Well, after her child’s cancer diagnosis in the 90’s, Ronda fought hard to save her and became a functional medicine doctor. She then grew a successful wellness practice, but later fell into deep financial trouble after a bad investment. Again, she leaned into her business background and dug herself out, re-establishing her practice as the #1 clinic in a highly competitive market. Educating and supporting fellow practitioners along the way, she quickly realized that they too need the business and marketing tools that helped her succeed. Ronda is a bookkeeper, turned clinician, turned consultant and she’s here to make a difference.⁣ ⁣ On the Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast, Ronda distills the best advice from her own experiences, interviews top thought leaders in the clinical and business realm and then applies it to the world of healthcare in a way that is easy to understand and implement. You can expect raw business coaching sessions, honest conversations with industry peers and most importantly: tactical tips and a step-by-step plan to empower entrepreneurs to build a brand they believe in, market themselves in our ever-changing world and create a life they love.


November 29, 2022 17 min

Let me ask you something, friend → 


Are you one of those practitioners who somehow manage to get everything done on a regular basis? 


I mean…of course, you show up for your patients, but I’m talking about all “that other stuff”….


😳 The updated “welcome sequence” emails

😳 The social media posts

😳 The annual branding & office photos 

😳 Those darn Practice Better automations 


Are you ticking...

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Let me ask you this:


What do you think your patients say about you?? 


If asked, they might say things like:


🗣 “She’s always really friendly.”

🗣 “He helped me get to the bottom of that joint pain.”

🗣 “The herbal blend she recommended is actually working - it’s great.”

🗣 “Yeah she’s been pretty great - you should try her!”


But here’s the problem…that’s only IF someone asks about you!


Butttt, ...

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November 15, 2022 25 min

If your wellness practice hasn’t broken yet, it’s going to. 


In fact, you can predict with pretty good success when your business is going to break.


Better yet, you can prevent it.


Orrrr… if it’s too late for that, I’ll show you how to recognize the gift of a broken business & how to fix it in 4 proven steps.


hint, hint: it has to do with outdated systems + processes. 🙅‍♀️


Because, if you’re anything like ...

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Here’s the deal. Whether you have a virtual or brick-and-mortar wellness practice, the space where you conduct business has a powerful psychological impact on you, your patients & your staff.


And a well-designed space can increase your revenue by 20%! 💲 


So, how can you harness the principles of interior design in your healthcare practice? 


Find out when you tune in to today’s Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast, where ...

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Today on the Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast, everything’s coming up roses! 🌹


We’re talking about seedlings & sprouts, and how to water your wellness practice garden!  🌱


More specifically, I’m sharing the five stages of successful wellness practitioners. 🥇


And, I didn’t just pull this out of thin air, friends! It’s based on my direct experience helping hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of wellness practition...

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Naturopathic doctor & medical herbalist, Berris Burgoyne, jokes in this podcast that perhaps she was a witch in a past life – and in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we’ve made a podcast to help YOU brew up your OWN clinical potions! ✨🍵


Berris has been a successful naturopathic doctor in Brisbane, Australia for more than 3 decades, and she credits much of her early (& continued) clinical success to her knowledg...

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After much deliberation, you’ve finally settled on the perfect niche. The only question that remains is how to actually make it work. 


One very powerful way you can grab the attention of your niche is with a Lead Magnet. 




It’s not a real magnet, of course, but it’s a piece of marketing that acts like one. Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you’re surely familiar with the concept – a free resource ...

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We have a real treat for you today, friends! 


Nope, it’s not a chocolatey, melt-in-your-mouth kind of treat (sorry – if you want to run & grab one real quick, I’ll wait).


Better than a treat for your tummy, we have a guest whose story will feed your soul!!


On today’s episode of the Clinical Entrepreneurial Podcast, we chat with holistic chiropractor, bodyworker, and educator Dr. Neel Bulchandani about how following his cl...

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I’m not one to sugarcoat things. 


And the truth is…sometimes marketing your business can feel like you're in a boat in the middle of a huge lake, with only one oar.


“…just 🛶 keep 🛶 paddling!"  


[** shouted as the boat spins in yet another circle** ] 😅


This is not what you signed up for when you decided to start your business, amiright??


But oftentimes that’s exactly how it feels when you’re...

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Decisions, decisions. 🤔


We're faced with them daily. Everything from the type of shoes to put on in the morning all the way down to the shade of gray that will look best on your kitchen cabinets (but seriously, whyyy are there so many shades of gray!?) 🤪


Sure, it may take some time to choose the perfect shoe for that next special occasion, and maybe you actually kind of enjoy collecting 107 gray paint swatch...

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If we're being honest, analyzing blood labs can be…well, A LOT. 


There's just a whole lot goin' on.


A lot of markers. A lot of ranges. A lottt of numbers. 


And if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, it can be a lot to decipher (ok I'm done with "a lot" 😂). 


But, being able to spot a potential problem BEFORE it develops is exactly what makes an amazing clinician, and that&#...

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Today we're digging down to the root of what really works when it comes to marketing and growing your wellness biz. 🌱


And I mean what really, TRULY works. Because effective marketing is about more than a catchy website headline and nice headshots. Don't get me wrong, these things are important (and I do loveee a professional photo sesh 📸).


But there's a few key things you must have in place in order ...

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How much to charge for your time…


Almost every single practitioner I work with struggles with this.


In fact, over 80% of practitioners (this likely includes you) are undercharging. 🤯


When you're working from a “practitioner mindset,” it's easy to forget that you're also the CEO. 


You heard me right friend…you 👏 are 👏 the 👏 CEO 👏 of 👏 your 👏 business. 



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Business finances…


"Here's my income, these are my expenses…bada bing bada boom. Right?"


 Well, generally speaking - yes. 


But, if you simply leave it at that (and many people do!) you'll miss the tiny but oh-so-important things that'll leave you wondering where in the heck your money went at the end of the month. 😕


There are little details that MUST be addressed in order to really set yourself u...

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Here's a given  - in order for things to run smoothly in your practice, you NEED to have systems in place. But they don't have to be overly complicated in order to work really, REALLY well. So well, in fact, that the business can actually run smoothly without you. (Helllooo, real vacation time 🌴) 


"But what do systems even mean, Ronda⁉️"


That's exactly what we cover in today's podcast with guest ...

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I know how hard you work in your practice.


You care so much about the work you do. You're passionate. That's the whole reason you got into this field in the first place - to provide the best care possible and change lives for the better. 


I see you, and I'm over here cheering you on! (can you hear meee?) 🗣


But here's the thing…


You have to make sure the laser focus on patient care doesn’t come at the...

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Overwhelm…ohhh the overwhelm. 😵‍💫


From endless content creation to patient intake forms, and the laundry list of admin in between, running a business can feel daunting! So daunting, in fact, that it's not uncommon to see practitioners give up on their entrepreneurial dreams. Thankfully, there are ways to safeguard yourself (and your business) from this kind of burnout. 🙌


Today we chat with Certified ...

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Several weeks ago, I had an “I-never-want-to-have-that-happen-again” experience with a patient that left me with a serious dose of Imposter Syndrome. 🥺


It happens to all of us, right? A patient disagrees with you and starts to argue and push back, tossing out facts, figures, what they heard on the news, and why they think you’re absolutely wrong. It can leave you feeling a little (or a lot) less confident than you were be...

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By popular request, I’m bringing back a clinical topic! 🌟


This week I’m giving out my BEST tips on how to support and connect with your patients with blood sugar dysregulation.


When you take a walk through a mall or look down the sidewalks of a crowded street, it becomes very obvious that Americans have a huuuuugeee blood sugar issue going on. Some estimates show 30-35% of people have difficulty maintaining normal gluco...

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Our brains are wired to listen to stories. And as the story is being told, we instinctively look for similarities, or ways we ‘fit’ into the story. And today’s guest, Kimberly Potter, has mastered the art of using stories to communicate what she does in a way that leaves people excited and ready to work with her. 💫


A registered nurse since 1989, Kimberly left conventional healthcare and opened a private practice, Rapha He...

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