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069 - How to Repurpose a Podcast into an Alexa Flash Briefing with Sigrun

February 6, 201943 min
Did you know that over 43 million people in the US have a smart speaker? People use smart speakers to listen to music, make calls, get traffic and weather updates, listening to podcasts, order food and groceries, controlling household devices, flash briefings and so much more. Flash briefings are short, informative pieces of pre-recorded audio that last up to 10 minutes long. And, you can even create your own flash briefing skill to supply short bursts of content to your audience via their Alexa-enabled device. In this podcast episode, I’m joined by Sigrun, who is an expert when it comes to sharing her message and has been very forward thinking in getting in on Alexa flash briefings as an early adopter. We talk about how businesses like yours can use Alexa flash briefings to build and connect with your audience. We also talk about how you can repurpose your podcast content into an Alexa flash briefing! Tune in to learn: Why Alexa flash briefings is a great way to connect with more people & grow your business How to repurpose your podcast content (and transcripts) into an Alexa flash briefing Tips for encouraging people to add you to their daily flash briefing Head over to:

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